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Ron Paul: “Corporations Run the Media” 

by Luis R. Miranda
The Real Agenda
January 20, 2012

“We are dangerous to the status quo in this country”. That was the opening line with which CNN decided to present presidential candidate Ron Paul last night before the start of the South Carolina debate. The thing is, not even CNN could expect what happened later. Mr. Paul did it again. During his introductory statement, Paul reminded people that the media frequently questions the candidates’ record and makes up rumors without having a solid base for those rumors. He said although it was undesirable that corporations ran political campaigns, the question that should be asked just as often was: How to avoid having corporations run the media.

Needless to say that this earned Ron Paul a massive round of applause before the shock and awe that such a truthful statement generated on the other candidates and the host John King. Mr. Paul wasted no time and went after Newt Gingrich’s record as a conservative religious man. Paul said that although the criticism from the media is sometimes baseless, it is important to set up standards and that he was proud to spend spend his life with wife for the past 54 years. As many of us have learned, Gingrich’s ex-wife, Marianne, came out of ABC news to denounce what she called Newt’s lack of moral standing to run for president.

As Marianne Gingrich publicly testified, Newt asked her to open their marriage to a third or more people, in other words to have an open marriage. At the time, she questioned Newt’s intentions and refused to accept his request to let him see other people while married to her. Both the traditional and alternative media have reported the Newt Gingrich left Marianne after learning that she had cancer, and started a life separately with his current wife. Gingrich adopted this lifestyle while leading an investigation [as the Speaker of the House] over Bill Clinton’s sexual encounters which caused the them president to publicly apologize for his dreadful behaviour.

After questioning the main stream media legitimacy, Ron Paul went right to work. The first question regarding how could the government help the people get back to work, Mr. Paul responded with a very familiar proposal. “Most of the things that the federal government could do to get people back to work is to get out of the way”, also followed by a good round of applause. Paul went on to point out that having a healthy currency, cutting income taxes to near zero and reducing the size of government would be some of the best ways to help the economy rebound. “Unemployment exists because we have a flawed financial system that causes financial bubbles. The bubbles burst and then you have the unemployment:, said Paul.

See Ron Paul’s full highlights in the South Carolina debate below:




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About the author: Luis Miranda

Luis R. Miranda is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief at The Real Agenda. His career spans over 19 years and almost every form of news media. He attended Montclair State University's School of Broadcasting and also obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from Universidad Latina de Costa Rica. Luis speaks English, Spanish Portuguese and Italian.

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