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Chemical and Biological Depopulation 

Why does the water we drink and the food we eat make us infertile, feeble-minded and ill?

Most of us have an intuitive feeling that something is not right with the world and that we are being lied to from all directions: government, media and international organizations. We are also aware that nothing works as it should and that the powers to be are making decisions that seem irrational, are clearly against our own best interests and lead to systemic collapse and universal hardship.

What we cannot understand is why they are trying their utmost to destroy the existing social structures and to deceive us? You will find that answer here and will once again be able to make sense of the world around you and take control of your own destiny if and when you reach out to others and take responsibility.

The highest echelons of the world’s political, economic and scientific communities, have for the past 60 years been pursuing a plan that is without precedent in both scope and boldness and that is as necessary as it is frightening and can be described as diabolically criminal and magnificently benevolent in the same breath and with the same degree of accuracy depending on whether you are an outsider or an insider, depending in other words if you have been scheduled to die or chosen to live.

Let it be known from the outset that I strongly approve the goal, which is rapid depopulation to save mankind from self-destruction and the planet from ecological collapse, but bitterly condemn the methods and that I will fight to my last breath to ensure that the goals are attained not by their  plan but by ours, which I have already conceived as the only viable alternative and baptized OMOBOS, an acronym for Our Mind, Our Body, Our Soul.

This information poses a lethal danger to the world’s power structures and will be censored by any and all means in an attempt to prevent you from knowing the truth and turning on our leaders who are responsible for the high crimes described therein. Bringing these mass murderers to justice will therefore depend on your willingness to share this document generously with others both digitally, through the Internet, and physically, from person to person.In releasing this book my days are numbered and if I am not to be assassinated, like all those before me who have attempted to protect you, will depend entirely on how swiftly you send this historic document to everyone you know and how fast they in turn spread the word.The truth will live or die with you.

Water is the world’s most precious and contested resource. Pressures on freshwater are rising due to the expanding needs of agriculture, industry, energy production, and household use.Given its central importance to life on Earth, one would expect water to be treated as the sacred element it is and not as a commodity, least of all not as a dumping ground for toxic waste and as a weapon of population control and genetic degradation. Yet that is exactly how our governments view and use water with the full cooperation of the United Nations, the tacit consent of leaders and scientists worldwide and the international trans-governmental and non-governmental community.

By adding fluoride to the drinking water, the most important ingredient of life is compromised and turned into an instrument of control and a weapon of annihilation. Water fluoridation is used to achieve several objectives at the same time.Initially, it served the US and Soviet military-industrial complexes as a convenient way to dispose of a toxic waste by-product used in large quantities by the aluminum industry and in even greater quantities to enrich uranium ever since America and the former Soviet Union built their first atomic bombs. With the help of fraudulent science and a massive public relations campaign, fluoride added to the drinking water in low concentrations was sold in the U.S. as a public health measure to combat tooth decay.

Grand Rapids, Michigan was the first American city to have its water fluoridated in 1945, while Stalin used it first on the Baltic republics starting as soon as World War II ended.Despite public opposition, the U.S. Public Health Service made water fluoridation official policy in 1951.

By 1960 water fluoridation reached 50 million or 30% of the American people and today that figure stands at over 230 million or 75% of the population. It is the only form of forced mass medication allowed in the US even though fluoride is known to be a dangerous toxin and consumers have from the beginning bitterly contested the legality, not to mention the sanity and morality, of adding it to water.The Soviet Union adopted the American solution of waste disposal to their own nuclear program and industrial needs and before long the close allies of both superpowers, East and West, were doing their part by dumping fluoride into their citizens’ drinking water.

In time, other industrial users of fluoride – the steel, oil and phosphate industries – jumped on the bandwagon and the industrial pollutants scrubbed from their smokestacks or left over as by- products were processed and dumped into public reservoirs across the United States and indeed across the world in the form of silico-fluorides that contain traces of radioactive and toxic elements such as mercury, arsenic, barium, beryllium, cadmium, lead and copper.

By the 1960s, the United States and the Soviet Union, as well as Eastern and Western Europe,had had a chance to confirm fluoride’s effectiveness in behavior control, which is what the Nazis had experimented with to keep prisoners docile and the Jews in the ghettos and in concentration camps in a state of bovine submission. Of course, the Soviets had done the same to their  prisoners since 1940.

By the 1970s, they will have also confirmed fluoride’s effectiveness in lowering fertility, which is about the time when Western and Eastern European countries began to realize the unintended side-effects of fluoridated water and quickly and quietly abandoned it for less destructive methods.

By contrast, the U.S. and their Anglo-Saxon allies  – Canada, Australia and New Zealand –  intensified their water fluoridation campaigns and the Center for Disease Control,defying all scientific evidence, identified it as one of ten great public health achievements of the 20th century.

Scientists whose research showed the ill-effects of fluoridation were purged from the system, especially if their data exposed the sterilizing effect of fluoridation, to ensure that opposition to the water fluoridation policy was kept under control and could not sway the general public to revolt.

One has to ask, how is it possible that the U.S. and its close Anglo-Saxon allies could come to a diametrically opposed conclusion than its European allies, when both had access to the same research data?

What other considerations could have persuaded the U.S. to ignore the clear evidence of the damaging effects of fluoridation? The answer is they did not come to different conclusions, but that European countries switched to less overt and intrusive methods of fluoridation while the U.S. and its Anglo-Saxon allies stayed the course. This was partly dictated by political and partly by demographic considerations.

The answer therefore lies in America’s unaccomplished demographic targets and in its responsibility as global standard setter and master planner.

America could not push fluoridation on others without showing its willingness to use it herself. Most importantly, while Europe achieved its population control targets by the early 80s and the total fertility rates (TFR) of every European country dropped below replacement level (i.e. two children per woman), the US did not. America’s demography and foreign policy demanded the continuation of water fluoridation, the cheapest and most effective method of lowering fertility.

Demographers present the facts as follows:

“In striking contrast to the projected population shrinkage due to low fertility and negative population momentum in Europe, the U.S. population continues to be characterized by rapid growth. Almost 33 million people were added to the U.S. population between 1990-2000,corresponding to a growth of 13% during the 1990s, making it the greatest absolute 10-year population increase in U.S. history. The majority of this growth in recent years is attributed to natural increase — that is, an excess of birth over deaths — while net immigration accounted for about 40% (Kent and Mather 2002) … The total fertility rate (TFR) among Hispanics in the U.S.was 2.75 in 2001, 35 percent higher than the national average of 2.03. The TFR of 2.10 for non- Hispanic Blacks in the same year was slightly above the national value, while non-Hispanic Whites, Asians/Pacific Islanders, and American Indians had below-average fertility level The U.S. population is also projected to grow by almost 50% in the coming decades, including a7% growth of the white non-Hispanic population, a 188% increase in the Hispanic population and a 213% increase in the Asian population until 2050.”

Faced with a much younger, diverse and fecund population, high immigration and a demographic curb that forecasts total fertility rates to stay above replacement level until 2020,the U.S. decided to keep the water fluoridation program in place and expand it.

To show solidarity and to solve their own demographic dilemmas, Canada, Australia and New Zealand,which are also high immigration countries but have already reached a TFR of 2 or less for their native inhabitants but not their new immigrants, have stayed the course and have not only kept their water fluoridation schemes in place, they too have expanded them.

The considerably negative side-effects of water fluoridation are accepted as a price worth paying for the leadership of the Anglo-Saxon camp, which confronts their people’s increasing resistance with dishonest research that disregards all negative data and extols the one and only discernible benefit, namely that it reduces tooth decay.

Credible and ample research from within and especially outside the U.S. shows that fluoride has adverse effects on brain development, impairs learning and lowers children’s intelligence; alters neurological development and is responsible for behavioral disorders like ADD and ADHD; increases risk of tooth straining and brittleness (dental fluorosis); causes bone cancer (osteosarcoma), bone and hip fractures, hormone disruption and premature puberty; has adverse effects on the male reproductive system, lowering fertility; and causes potentially dangerous gene mutations.

The regulatory agencies of the countries that continue to use water fluoridation, however, continue to deny its ill-effects and publish periodic position statements that reinforce the policy, even though their own scientists publicly urge the government to change course and former water fluoridation advocates and officials in and outside the U.S. have denounced the practice as irresponsible and unsafe.

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