Cynthia Carroll, current non-executive director of British Petroleum – the international corporation responsible for the worst man-made disaster in modern history – is, to no surprise, a member of one of the most exclusive clubs in the world.

The Committee of 300 a group created by the British East India Company’s Council of 300 is composed by movers and shakers of all strata. In it is easy to find names that are well know to most people, but that not many recognized as members of a confessed globalist cabal. (1)

The British East India Company was created by the British Royal family back in 1600. This despicable group of inbred people made and continue to make billions from the sale of opium and other illegal drugs. They are the real controllers of the drug cartels against whom western nations swear to fight against in the so-called War on Drugs.

As it has been exposed by multiple investigative reports, the Committee of 300 is an alliance of the most powerful and influential people from around the planet, although it also has some less important members. In the list send to us today one can find important people like William Prince of Wales, Van Rompuy, Herman, Abdullah II, King of Jordan, Abramovich, Roman, Barroso, José Manuel, Berlusconi, Silvio, Bernake, Ben, Brzezinski, Zbigniew, Buffet, Warren, Bush, George HW, Cameron, David, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Cardoso, Fernando Henrique and lower minions like Krugman, Paul, Carroll, Cynthia (BP), Clark, Wesley, Geithner, Timothy, Powell, Colin. The list could not be complete without some usual suspects, of course. So it also includes de Rothschild, Benjamin, de Rothschild, David René, de Rothschild, Evelyn, de Rothschild, Leopold.

The 300 hundred members influence and more often than not control public opinion through their work in the fields of politics, academia, media, medicine, banking and others. This Committee, despite its supposed non-existence is composed by people who directly control and rule the world through their many enterprises. They are directly on top of the movement to create what in popular corridors is known as the “New World Order”, which intends to employ a one world fascist government to determine the future of the planet.

Three hundred men, all of whom know one another, direct the economic destiny of Europe and choose their successors from among themselves.” said once Walter Rathenau, the founder of the General Electric Corporation.

The BP connection

As mentioned before, Cynthia Carroll, a high-up BP director is a current member of the Committee of 300. Carroll is a geologist who previously served as chief executive of Anglo American plc, the global mining group, chairman of Anglo Platinum Limited and chairman of De Beers s.a. All of these companies are owned by members of the Committee of 300. (2)

Besides being responsible for the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, BP is also responsible for the disaster that took place in the Caspian Sea. Different from the spill in the Gulf of Mexico, BP successfully covered-up the Caspian blow-up, which occurred in the territorial waters of Azerbaijan. Details about this disaster were revealed in documents leaked by Private Bradley Manning that later appeared on Wikileaks. (3)

The cover-up of the Caspian blow-up was also covered-up by the US State Department, which undoubtedly works for the Committee of 300 – current Committee member John Kerry is now the US Secretary of State -. Not only did the State Department cover-up the Caspian disaster; it actually approved it as a sound project. It is not a surprise that the same US State Department ignored the warnings about the potential for disaster in the Gulf of Mexico that resulted in the direct deaths of 11 people and many more that came after due to intoxication with Corexit.

The US State Department has now endorsed the Key Stone XL pipeline and has called it ‘environmentally sound’, even though independent studies have shown exactly the opposite. (4)

With all this said, there is no doubt that the US government and its State Department work for Big Oil. Furthermore, there is no question that they work for the Committee of 300. There is also no doubt that the safety and sanity of the Key Stone XL pipeline is at the very least questionable, given the fact it has been portrayed as sound by the same people who favored the Caspian oil project and who helped cover-up the disaster. (5) In fact, the US State Department’s senior adviser Steven Mann has now been hired by Exxon to be responsible for intergovernmnetal relations in Caucasian and Central Asian countries. (6)

But the Committee of 300 does not only own the oil industry and the US government. It also controls the Federal Reserve System, foundations, all major media, secret societies, universities, and other societal organizations whose members are largely compartmentalized.

Unfortunately for the hierarchy of the Committee of 300 and its subsidiaries like the Club of Rome, the UN, NATO and the CFR, their actions and decisions are not so secret anymore. They have now come to light mainly due to the hard work of hundreds of people who dutifully investigate their agenda and expose so we all can learn about it and take action.

For a complete summary on the plans being worked out right now by the Committee of 300, visit or check out the sources provided below.



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