Those who control the United States government are up to something big.

The following is a collection of evidence from mainstream sources, all of which will be listed at the end of the article. Then, we’re going to connect he dots to discover what might just be the terrifying future of the United States.

The unified picture that you’ll see once those dots are connected will be terrifying for some people, especially if you’ve never been exposed to this kind of information before.

Scaring people, however, is no the goal of this information. The goal is to motivate you to take action, and to do it quickly. But that’s only going to happen if you understand what’s really at stake.

Over the past decade the U.S. government has been radically transformed. These transformations began with the passage of the Patriot Act, which occurred during the Bush administration. The transformation continued under the current president, Barack H. Obama, who went further to consolidate Bush’s work when he signed the NDAA in 2012 and 2013.

The contents of these laws were ominous warnings of what was coming, but for the average American the changes that were taking place, had little effect on their lives. At least, that is what they thought.

Countdown to a terrifying future?

The introduction on the Department of Homeland Security and the invasive new policies of the TSA in airports were uncomfortable, but for most of the population it wasn’t worth resisting.

We heard stories of the government listening to people’s phone conversations and searching houses without warrants, but this was all behind the scenes and didn’t really affect the population at large so the outcry was limited.

Occasionally, the mainstream media mentioned the extraordinary rendition and torture of suspected terrorists in military prisons, but of course these political pundits did their best to convince you that this was all justified and necessary for your security.

Then Obama came onto the scene promising hope and change. But it didn’t take long for him to start showing his new colors when he renewed the Patriot Act and backed out of his promise to close Guantanamo. That’s right.

When Obama signed the NDAA giving the military the power to detain anyone including U.S. citizens indefinitely and without trial, and when he claimed the right to kill U.S. citizens without trial domestically or abroad there was some outrage, but this outrage faded as new headlines pulled your attention away.

On the surface you might have stared at the scene like none of this was going to affect your life. So you put it out of your mind.

If you were paying attention you might have noticed that things were changing little bit by little bit. Cameras were starting to appear everywhere, the police began to be militarized, and drones began to patrol the skies domestically. But behind the scenes, something even bigger was afoot.

Biometric information began to be collected from non violent protesters when arrested. It was also taken from all immigrants entering the country, from school children without their parents permission, and even from the public at large without their knowledge.

The government has been collecting that information and compiling it into the largest biometrics database in the world. This database referred to as NGI will be online in 2014.

These laws and preparations have been building the mechanisms for a totalitarian police state piece by piece. And now they are attempting to put the final measures in place.

The new proposed immigration bill called the Border Security Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act, which is up for debate, has the two final elements.

The first is the provision for a federal employment database that all workers will have to be approved through in order to get a job. This database will tie in to other government databases at the discretion of the Department of Homeland Security. The DHS is given the authority to unilaterally increase the identification requirements at will and to demand that these standards be enforced as a condition of employment.

What this means is that once this is in place, if the DHS decides that all I.D. cards must contain iris scan information or fingerprints, you’ll have to give it to them or you won’t be allowed to work.

This in itself is a mayor power grab, but the full implications of the NGI database combined with the new employment identification system goes far beyond the work place.

In the immigration bill there’s a provision to set up a biometric scanning system in all international airports for arrivals and departures. The system which is proposed to roll out over the next 6 years is initially just targeting immigrants, but once it is in place it would be trivial to start using it on the entire public. So the switch wouldn’t even be need to be announced, because developments in biometric technology enable identification from a distance.

They can do this with software connected to security cameras using facial recognition, infrared iris scanners and even the rhythm of one’s walk.

Identification by one’s unique patterns of movement referred to as engaged recognition can even be used with drones.

Once the biometrics verification system is set up at all ports of entry and departure, connecting this to the NGI database, existing surveillance cameras, and domestic drones tracking movements of ordinary citizens anywhere and everywhere, including wilderness areas can happen without any outwardly visible changes and without bending the laws.

One of the most significant hallmarks of a police state is the establishment of systems to control, who can enter and who can leave the country. Such systems are often used to prevent political dissidents from escaping. This is often combined with intensive surveillance internally both of communications and of personal activities and the brutal police force that operates above the law.

Never in history has any dictatorship in the world had a system of surveillance tracking and exit management as sophisticated and powerful as the one the United States is about to finish setting up. Never.

Soviets had elaborate borders with double barbwire, mine fields and guard towers, but none of this compares to a border patrolled by high tech drones linked to the worlds largest biometric database, with biometric scanners in every point of entry or departure.

If they get this through, they would have truly outdone George Orwell.

Abuse of Power

The government would never abuse this power, would they?

After all, America is the world’s greatest beacon of hope and freedom, right?.

Well, the fact that the U.S. government has already established a massive and secretive no-fly list and the fact that anti war activists have already been placed on this list for political reasons should be considered a warning sign.

In it’s current form, it’s already impossible for citizens to find out if their name’s are on the list, and there’s no process for getting your name removed from the list.

What happens when the no fly list becomes the no leave list?

So here’s the real question, do you trust the U.S. government with this power?

Do you actually believe that their primary goal is to protect you?

If so, you haven’t been paying attention.

In 2013 we’ve been given a little glimpse of what’s coming to America.

In the Dorner case we had a man accused of murder and condemned by the media as guilty. This condemnation was based on a tight manifesto that he had supposedly written even though there was no real evidence that Dorner had written the manifesto at all.

A nationwide manhunt was put into motion. Full highways were roadblocked and cars were searched, police moved through neighborhoods searching hundreds of houses without warrants and drones were said to have been deployed to hunt him down. Once Dorner was allegedly found, the police intentionally set fire to the building where he was supposedly hiding in, Waco style, burning the man to death.

Police initially denied that they set the fire, but later they were forced to admit that they had due to police scanner audio that got out to the public. Amazingly, despite proof pointing to the police as those who set the fire, nothing happened and they got away with it.

No one in the mainstream media or the government even blinked.

Then we saw the Boston bombing case where 2 suspects were hunted down with equally tenuous evidence. Even though photos from the events show a number of individuals that were clearly involved, these other individuals were never mentioned by the authorities or the mainstream media. All attention was placed on the Tsarnaev brother’s as if they were already proven guilty.

The manhunt to catch these 2 boys was unprecedented. The DHS rolled down the streets with military grade armored vehicles searching house to house with no warrants, instituting an improvised form of martial law on the fly just like that because they could.

The Tsarnaev brothers were finally caught and they were shown in footage being arrested alive and well, yet somehow hours later they were both shot full of bolts.

The older brother died, the other was let unable to speak and the government and the mainstream media were silent.

And the story didn’t end there, Ibrahim Todashev, a friend of the Tsarnaev brother’s was brutally murdered by the FBI just weeks later. He was shot 6 times in the body and once in the back of the head; murdered in cold blood execution style.

Todashev was unarmed but the agents claimed that he attacked them.

It’s hard to imagine what an unarmed man could do to deserve a bullet in the back of the head.

All of this establishes a new precedent where the U.S. government chases down suspects with militarized manhunts instituting martial law on a whim, and acting as judge, jury and executioner in the field.

They kill with impunity based on flimsy or non existing evidence, all with the support of a mainstream media circus that televises the whole event for your entertainment.

This in itself is a chilling shift in tone, but believe it or not there’s more.

The Department of Defense document entitled “Internment and Resettlement Operations” also known as FM3-39.40 was leaked this year revealing detailed plans for the establishment of military internment camps within the United States.

The document clearly calls for the collection of social security numbers meaning it will be used for U.S. citizens. it even has diagrams for three different types of camps that are to be implemented. These diagrams show interrogation rooms, guard towers spread throughout the facility and double barb wire surrounding the camps.

We covered this document in detail in our video entitled “Leaked document military internment camps in U.S. to be used for political dissidents”.

But wait there’s more! The Department of Homeland Security has recently gone on a bullet buying spree, purchasing over 1.6 billion rounds in just a few months. After the mainstream started covering the large purchase, the DHS ordered more bullets. A large percentage of these bullets are hollow points and buckshot that cannot be used by the military.

It is important to say that the DHS only operates domestically.

The DHS claims that these bullets are to be used for training purposes, but any one that knows anything about guns knows that you don’t use hollow points for training. Hollow points are much more expensive than FMJ. Furthermore, this is more ammunition per DHS officer than U.S. soldiers have been using in the war.

In parallel we had Senator Coburn release a paper about wasteful spending in the DHS, in which he pointed out a bizarre training exercise where the DHS practiced shooting civilians that were disguised as zombies. Coburn emphasized the spending aspect, but if you watch the actual footage and you put it into context with everything else, the real purpose of these training exercises is much more disturbing.

DHS officers are being conditioned to fire on unarmed civilians. The zombie makeup is just a smoke screen.

Believe it or not this is only a fraction of the evidence that we can present here. There’s much more that you’ll find if you do your own research.

As outlandish as this picture may look to you if this is the first time that you’ve encounter this information, the reality is that from a historical perspective, nothing we’re showing here is unusual at all. Countries slip into totalitarian dictatorships all the time, you have just been conditioned to believe that it can never happen in America.

But it can happen in America and it is happening, it’s happening right now.

There are three ways of dealing with what you’ve just read. One, you can pretend that this is all a tinfoil hat conspiracy theory. But to do that you’ll have to ignore the extensive documentation given from mainstream sources. Some might call that skepticism, but a more accurate term is willful ignorance.

Option number two is to cower in fear and do everything in you power to avoid tracking the attention of the government. Of course that’s your prerogative, but what are you going to say when your children and grandchildren ask you what you did when all this went down?

Option number three is you can fight to stop this. Remember this is only the plan of those who control the United States, but not the destiny the country needs to reach.

The powers that be have an Achilles heel, and that’s the enforcers. These DHS officers are your fellow Americans. Most of them are not evil, they’re just misinformed and perhaps a little brainwashed by their training. You can reach out to them, make friends with them and show them this information.

You can reach out to police, and military, to current serving and veterans alike. Make them understand what’s coming. Make them realize that they’ve been tricked, that they are being used to destroy their own country. If the powers that be lose control of their enforcement arm it will be game over for these criminals.

Now you may not know anyone in the armed forces, but you can still help by getting this message out to as many people as possible. If you live outside the United States and think this does not affect you, think again. The current path towards a totalitarian state in the United States will be rolled out in the rest of the Western world sooner rather than later if no one acts upon learning this information.

Post this article on Facebook, Twitter or on your blog. Share it with your friends via email. Download the accompanying video posted below and hand it out on DVD to people you know. The more people we reach the more likely it is that we reach someone in the chain of command that is in a position to stop this.

This article is an adaptation of the transcript for the video posted below. It has been republished on The Real Agenda upon request made by for the sole purpose of providing a written version of the information provided on their video.

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