Striking for Humanity: Canadian activist on hunger strike so the Pope denounces the Global Depopulation Policy.

Kevin Mugur Galalae is a Canadian human rights activist, author and historian.  He was born in Romania, grew up in Germany and is a naturalized Canadian since 1990.

His most notable accomplishment took place in 2012, when he exposed for the first time in its 68-year old history the chemical and biological methods employed by the UN-delegated Global Depopulation Policy and showed that demographic objectives are carried out by covertly undermining human fertility as a substitute to war.

In 2013, he published part of his research on the history of the Global Depopulation Policy, its causes and consequences; the first account of the world’s best-kept secret and the central axis of the international framework for peace and security post-World War II.

Galalae has been at the Vatican for the past 30 days conducting a hunger strike so Pope Francis, his Cardinals and the Vatican as a whole condemns and calls for the end of the Global Depopulation Policy.

Before downloading and reading his series Survival or Extinction, please consider making a donation to help Kevin while he conducts his hunger strike in Rome.

Download Survival or Extinction on PDF.

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