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UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres: US Imperial Tool 

Antonio Guterres

Like his predecessors, Guterres was appointed to serve US and other Western interests exclusively.

His actions and public remarks speak for themselves, supporting what demands denunciation, breaching the mandate he swore to uphold as secretary-general.

Days earlier, he addressed Security Council members on the Middle East. What he omitted from his remarks was far more important than what he said.

On Iraq, nothing about Washington’s rape and destruction of the country in multiple wars of aggression, nothing about massacring thousands of Iraqi civilians in Mosul last year, nothing about supporting ISIS and other terrorists groups.

Claiming “positive developments in Iraq” was a disgraceful perversion of truth, contemptibly ignoring the suffering of its people for decades, largely because of US imperial high crimes.

On Israel/Palestine, he said nothing about longstanding Israeli apartheid viciousness, its illegal blockade and wars of aggression on Gaza, nothing about daily ruthless Israeli oppression of a long-suffering people, their fundamental rights denied for decades.

Calling Israel a “democratic” state was an affront to Palestinians persecuted by Ziofascist tyranny.

Saying he supports a two-state solution failed to explain he’s done nothing for Palestinians, exclusively supporting Israel, ignoring its high crimes.

He said nothing about Syria, nothing about US aggression, nothing about its support for ISIS, al-Nusra and other terrorist groups, nothing about Washington turning Libya and Yemen into charnel house disasters, no condemnation of its high crimes for decades.

A week earlier, he addressed the Munich Security Conference’s opening ceremony.

Saying “we are now facing a nuclear threat,” he irresponsibly blamed North Korea, ignoring the threat Washington poses – against its sovereignty, against Russia, China, Iran and other sovereign independent nations.

Saying Pyongyang’s nuclear program “contradict(s) the will of the international community,” he called for maintaining “pressure” on the country.

He ignored the real threat of possible US aggression it faces – a nation never attacking another one throughout its history, what America does all the time, reason for all independent nations to take self-preservation steps.

Failure to act would be irresponsible and suicidal. The way to end dangerous brinkmanship on the Korean peninsula is for the world community to denounce US hostility toward the DPRK, recognize its government, establish diplomatic relations, and stop supporting unacceptable sanctions on the country, harming its people most of all.

No longer tolerating US belligerence and renouncing its imperial ruthlessness is the way to avoid possible catastrophic nuclear war, endangering the Koreas and regional countries.

Instead of pursuing this way to avoid potential disaster, Gutteres irresponsibly blamed North Korea exclusively.

He failed to denounce Washington’s menacing regional presence, its provocative military exercises rehearsing for war on the DPRK, its rejection of dialogue to resolve contentious issues diplomatically.

Pyongyang responded to his remarks sharply, its UN envoy Ja Song-nam calling them “reckless,” adding:

“This is nothing but an absurd sophistry inappropriate to his duty as secretary-general of the United Nations, and only makes us to think whether he is a kind of henchman who is representing the United States.”

Indeed so. Guterres was appointed to serve its interests, ignoring its high crimes against humanity.

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About the author: Stephen J. Lendman

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