He is the most recognizable face of the White House task force against the pandemic, and also the visible head, the MC of the covid-19 “pandemic” band.

Like his colleagues at the World Health Organization, Fauci has changed his mind about a variety of guidelines supposedly based on science, but which he says are always changing.

The first deception was the preliminary models that predicted the death of millions of people around the world due to the coronavirus. Later, he warned about the transmission of the virus, the benefits of social distancing and confinement, which as we see today, did not help prevent contagion, in fact, accelerated it.

Fauci and his buddies set up goals upon declaring an emergency but were disqualified by continually moving those same goals further each time they were met. This raised suspicions.

The infection curve had to be flattened first. When it flattened out, Fauci and the WHO planted another goal post that would allow them to continue to justify confinement, the closure of schools, businesses and recently the almost permanent use of face masks, which he himself had, just a few months earlier, said there was no reason to wear.

“The worst is yet to come,” Fauci said many times, but it never came. In fact, today the number of deaths from covid-19 is unknown, due to the fraudulent practices used to count those who allegedly died as a result of supposedly getting infected with covid-19 and those who died of chronic diseases during this alleged pandemic.

The son of an Italian-born Brooklyn apothecary, he has led the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984 and has worked with six different Administrations. From Reagan to the two Bushes, passing through Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Trump.

The question is, of course, how is it that such an eminence can be so incapable of providing real and reliable information? Easy. He blames the models he and the WHO used to scare people into compliance.

The falsehood of his warnings have made him disappear from White House press conferences. The last of those falsehoods is that “we should all be wearing masks.”

While he says that the increase in the number of detected cases of covid-19 does not correspond to the fact that more tests are being done, Fauci alleges that the culprits are the people who gather in bars or family homes, but he omits the massive protests and terrorism carried out by groups led by Black Lives Matter and Antifa throughout the country, with thousands and thousands of people who did not respect “social distancing”. Fauci allowed these multitudes of people to gather without sounding any alarm.

Despite the evidence pointing to the contrary, Fauci still alleges that people should be kept confined, without working or meeting their relatives, despite the fact that those who carry the virus without knowing it, can infect adults, the elderly and people with chronic diseases or immune deficiencies in their own homes.

Although there are affordable drugs to prevent and cure covid-19, such as hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, in just a few days, Fauci is still bidding on the production and use of a vaccine.

Along with the vaccine, some misnamed philanthropists like Bill Gates also want to enforce the use of a covid-19 immunity ID card, known as the COVI CARD, without which people will not be able to leave their homes, return to work or school, and whose requirement will be to get injected with the vaccines that Fauci and Gates promote.

To Fauci, the WHO’s assumption that the virus remains in the air, especially in confined places, is not a reason to end the practice of massively confining people. Instead, he uses it as a justification for maintaining confinement and for wanting to compel people to wear masks all the time, even though they offer no protection whatsoever against the virus.

It would be expected that a person in his position and with all his knowledge would not come up with excuses when asked about the impossibility of preventing and containing a virus such as a coronavirus, but Fauci limits himself to saying that “in the face of such a pandemic, it is very hard.”

What was Fauci doing before the pandemic? Sucking his thumb and picking his nose?

It should not be forgotten that it was the organization led by Fauci, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, that financed some type of “research” and experimentation with the coronavirus in the Wuhan laboratory, where the strain that started the infection came from.

When asked why a country like the United States has been so punished by the virus, Fauci avoids controversy, as if wanting to remove his responsibility: “I don’t want to go in there, you can always question what you have done, nothing is perfect, but I don’t even want to point out what could be done better, except to say you always have to try to do better. ”

A key aspect of this so-called pandemic is the fact that neither the WHO nor Anthony Fauci has demonstrably proven the existence of the virus to which they attribute the “pandemic”. Neither Fauci nor the WHO have shown the isolated genetic material that demonstrates, beyond all reasonable doubt, that it exists and that it in fact the cause of an infection that has allegedly killed hundreds of thousands of people.

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