One of the strangest fetishes that the neocolonial elite has, is to tell the population what they intend to do. One needs to learn to read their messages to understand what their plan is, and after that, it is not difficult to realize what’s coming. So, the questions is, are false-flag attacks coming to Brazil?

Revelations about future actions aimed at destabilizing the planet can come from the elite’s mouthpieces or alternatively from the mainstream media.

The latest sign about the elite’s plan is whether or not there is a possibility to have a false-flag event of significant magnitude in Latin America; more specifically in Brazil.

The country will host the Olympic games next year, and given the current state of affairs, it would not be insane to believe that the political elite in Brasilia would do anything to hold on to power.

Brazil is far from being involved in bombing poor countries or imposing sanctions on commercial partners, so there is really no reason for terrorist groups to carry out a false-flag attack.

The outcomes of a false-flag would be an immediate power grab by the Rousseff government and the suspension of the few liberties that are still standing.

It is not rare to find articles circulating in the presstitute media suggesting that a terror attack of the scale of Paris, France or New York could be expected in Rio de Janeiro before or during the Olympics in 2016.

The question is, why would ISIS, for example, bother carrying out a terror attack in Brazil when there are so many targets in America or Europe that would result in greater disruption?

So-called security experts believe that the possibility of terrorism in Brazil cannot be ruled out, but one needs to remember that they make a living from speculating about that very same possibility.

Before the terrorist tragedy in Paris was perpetrated by fundamentalists of the western-supported Islamic State, Brazil seemed to have no concerns about the possibility of suffering an attack during the Olympic Games in Rio.

How about now? Why has the scenario changed all of a sudden? Why would so-called security experts assert that the possibility that international terrorism can lay eyes on Brazil cannot be ruled out?

Former Brazilian Secretary of Homeland Security, José Vicente Filho, said that the possibility of a terrorist act at that time is “becoming more real”, as Brazil hosts people from around the world.

There are people who venture to say that the current political situation in Brazil may hinder the government’s ability to protect the population from a terror attack.

On that premise, people must remember that no government can protect its people from terror attacks. The United States could not do it, France could not do it and Turkey could not do it.

Could this so-called threat be just a sham to curb popular opposition to the Rousseff administration? Could it be an attempt to crack down on popular dissent and justify more military spending together that resulted in a Police State?

It is true that the Olympics organizers anticipated a strong anti-terrorism operative in collaboration with other countries and are intensifying the preparations after the attacks in Paris. However, as stated by André Wolszyn, one Brazilian expert in the field, “Brazil is nowhere near ready for counterterrorism.”

The reason why Brazil is not prepared is that the country does not need to. The country it is not out to bomb adversaries or to impose its political and commercial preferences on other nation-states. But even if a greater effort was made to “prepare”, the truth is that, as explained before, no country, not even the most developed ones which are used to suffering attacks, seem prepared to prevent them or deal with them.

If you believe the official narrative that is regurgitated by the mainstream presstitute media, the whole planet is now a potential target of Islamic terrorism. As I explained yesterday, the war on terror is nothing else that a war on civilian populations. It is an instrument of the neoimperialistic elite to justify bombing and murdering innocent people around the world.

The so-called security experts say that Brazil is more likely to suffer a terror attack than other countries because it has not approved anti-terror legislation that would certainly undermine the constitutional rights of the people. They also cite reasons such as being a territory with large borders which are hard to control.

The ‘illuminated’ security experts would have people believe that, although Brazil has had the same unsecured and vast borders for so many years, it is precisely now or in 2016, when the country is more vulnerable. They say the country is prone to allowing fundamentalists to infiltrate.

These mouthpieces of the Establishment forget that Brazil has become the home of many immigrants from many different countries, including Cuba, Colombia, Syria, Nigeria and others; all countries that suffer from drug trafficking, guerrilla wars and terrorism and that the arrival of those refugees has never resulted in one single terror attack.

Experts also cite the fact that Islamic fundamentalists attack the West because of their values. In an attempt to get the support of the younger generations, they say that terror attacks are a consequence of western religious beliefs and juvenile fun, something that, according to experts contrasts with the culture of death and anti-pleasure creed of Islamic fanaticism. They forget to mention that many countries where Islam is the religion of the majority, people are free to have fun and to worship their own God without suffering any attacks.

Not surprisingly, the only antidote that the former military men, who call themselves experts, offer as a solution to avoid terror attacks, is a bigger, more powerful government. For them, it doesn’t matter that this is not a real solution. They ignore the causes of the terror and prescribe government-led radicalism.

As it is the case in North America and Europe, the ‘experts’ want people to lay low and surrender their freedoms, to be afraid and to exchange  their constitutional rights for the perception of security. “Wolves of terror know very well that no country is as vulnerable as the divided, with a weak state and a credibility crisis, and Brazil suffers a bit of those two situations today,” says Wolszyn.

This last assessment is also false since most European and North American nations that have been targeted by terror attacks have been mostly united before the attacks take place. So, being divided is not really an aspect that is determinant when a terror organization decides to carry out an attack.

The only feature that is shared by countries which suffered from terror is the fact that they committed acts of aggression against civilian populations in other continents. This is something that Brazil has not participated in and, therefore, it should be discarded as a reason to be attacked.

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