If you are a conservative, the time to start worrying about censorship and persecution is now.

California burned as it was attacked by true domestic terrorists, but no one, not Joe Biden, not the mainstream media, not the Democratic Party, not Congress called it a threat to peace.

Washington State was attacked and burned down by true domestic terrorists led by Antifa and Black Lives Matter, but no one, not Joe Biden, not the mainstream media, not the Democratic Party, not Congress called it a threat to peace.

Washington DC was attacked, monuments were removed and vandalized, fire was set to businesses, but no one, not Joe Biden, not the mainstream media, not the Democratic Party, not Congress called it a threat to peace.

New York City was attacked y vandals and criminals organized and funded by multinational corporations, George Soros and people were beaten up while trying to save their livelihoods, but no one, not Joe Biden, not the mainstream media, not the Democratic Party, not Congress called it a threat to peace.

Not one single conservative group or organization was blamed for these attacks. However, the mainstream media blamed the then-president Donald J. Trump for the violence.

While the media defended the violence and the Democrats ignored the deaths and lootings, no one in Washington cared to have major cities destroyed by masked men and women who threw Molotov cocktails on police stations.

Now, after Joe Biden is sitting in the Oval Office, his administration and the mainstream media are calling for the end of violence in an attempt to ban, censor and de-platform anyone who shows the slightest disagreement with the obviously tyrannical administration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Well-known, traditional outlets like MSNBC, CNN and the New York Times lend their airwaves, TV personalities and opinion columns to demand the end of conservative media, free thinkers and anyone who does not praise Joe Biden’s policies.

Conservatives have now been labeled a threat and the new administration will not spare a cent to seek, destroy and silence dissenting voices on television, radio and internet platforms. They had already begun their tyrannical actions by censoring the sitting president of the United States, accusing him of inciting violence.

They pinned Trump with the responsibility for the riots that took place outside and inside Congress, even though they violent ones were the same people who rioted in Chicago, Washington DC, New York, Detroit and California in the summer of 2020.

For the people now in power, dissent means hatred, and hateful voices must be censored at all costs.

President Joe Biden called the riots the US Congress building “domestic terrorism” and one of the first steps he took in his first 48 hours in the White House was to commission an in-depth assessment of the problem.

In a sample of the relevance Biden gives to the problem, the responsibility to investigate the rioters will fall on the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI, which will carry out their own investigations and will also rely on the work of non-governmental organizations, explained Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

“The assault on the Capitol and the tragic deaths and destruction that followed underscore what we have known for a long time: The rise of violent domestic extremism is a serious and growing threat to national security,” Psaki said.

Based on this assessment, the National Security Council will develop measures to prevent radicalization and dismantle networks of violent extremism. “The Biden administration is going to face this threat with determination and with whatever resources are necessary,” she stressed.

The involvement of Homeland Security, a federal agency created in the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks, reflects a shift in the US counterterrorism strategy to focus attention on the violence generated in the interior of the country.

Terrorism experts consider the assault the culmination of years of radicalization in certain sectors of American society.

The insurrection was the demonstration, analysts and politicians denounce, that the federal government has not taken seriously the alarm signals that were arriving: the massacre against Hispanics in El Paso, the attack on the Pittsburgh synagogue …

Racist motivations were found in most of the more than 1,000 domestic terrorism cases last year, FBI Director Christopher Wray warned in the fall.

“This did not happen because we did not have the resources to anticipate it, we did not have intelligence reports or the appropriate laws,” says Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. ” Democrats call for increased resources to finance de-radicalization programs, such as Life After Hate.

The assault on Congress demonstrates how injustices, real or imagined, can lead to violence but also “how they can and will be exploited to radicalize others towards violence” directed against groups identified as enemies, the organization states, since “ it gives them a false sense of relief. ” Be it the manipulation of religious beliefs or the exploitation of patriotism.

Congress has asked Biden-nominated Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines to dedicate the resources of federal agencies to investigate the problem of extremism and disinformation.

Europe’s apprehensive glances toward the US are mutual. “We have seen similar far-right groups grow in various European countries and there is a certain networking between what is happening there and what is happening in this country,” says Senator Mark Warner.

All of this chaos has been attached to Donald Trump, who is now being impeached for the second time, for allegedly inciting violence. Trump’s supporters on television and social media continue to be attacked left and right by so-called experts who have openly requested the total and complete ban of conservative personalities and media, such as Newsmax, and Fox News.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), an extreme left-wing organization, says it identified more than a dozen extremist groups who participated in the assault on the Capitol, for example, the Proud Boys.

Although “there does not appear to be any top-down organization”, the fact that some of these extremists are organized in militias or have military training is “an added concern” compared to the “often incompetent American jihadists” that emerged after the 9/11, says Daniel Byman, an analyst at the Brookings Institution.

“These hate groups, emboldened by the president -Trump-, pose a direct threat to the lives of millions of blacks, indigenous people, and other people of color throughout the country,” they warn. Like good liars, the SPLC omits that most black people and members of other minorities who die in the US, perish in the hands of criminals and gang members, not police officers or white supremacists.

All left-wing media and political groups who defended the violence carried out all over the United States by true terrorist groups also lie about the voter fraud committed against the American people in November, and now, they want to hunt and destroy any voice that still spouses dissent about the official story published on mainstream media.

They are calling on all opponents of the radical regime of Joe Biden to be treated as domestic terrorists. There is no need to remember what happened to alleged terrorists under George W. Bush, and that is the same line that the Biden administration seems to be following.

Different from Hitler or Lenin, Biden will use the intelligence apparatus, mainstream media and Big Tech‘s resources to cleanse the country of dissenters as he tells people that dissenting is violence and that violence must be eradicated.

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