It was expected. The violence used so successfully in the United States to balkanize the American population and cause social unrest was not going to take long to reach the only other bastion of nationalism and populism on the continent.

In Brazil, the forces of extremist liberalism have seized the most recent opportunity to balkanize the Brazilian population, which, like the American population, is extremely susceptible to the deceit of the local and international media and the political prostitutes who speak of systemic racism and of the need to use State violence to force so-called upon society.

Last week, a black man was beaten up in the parking lot of a supermarket in the city of Porto Alegre, after he started a fight inside the store. Apparently, the store’s security guards took him out and beat him until the customer died, allegedly due to the beating.

None of the reported details have been confirmed by the responsible authorities, but the two guards who beat the client are in jail without the right to leave with bail.

Despite the swift retaliation against those allegedly responsible, thousands of people quickly gathered at the entrance of the supermarket where the incident occurred to protest.

That protest quickly escalated into Black Lives Matter and Antifa-style violence. Vehicles belonging to customers of the establishment and private property near the supermarket were damaged by members of the group of protesters.

The video of the beating was spread by social media and obviously caused great outrage in the population. The irony of this supposed outrage is that, just as it happens in Detroit, for example, black women and men die daily in different parts of Brazil due to violence perpetrated by drug gangs, mandated executions, and theft, but in those cases, nobody bothers to denounce it so vehemently.

In fact, as is also the case in the United States, the majority of violence against blacks in Brazil is carried out by blacks, not by the police or security guards. The hypocrisy of this latest act of violence against a black citizen is the same used in the United States. The client was beaten by white men, so the outrage must be greater.

Apparently, the lives of black people who die due to physical violence at the hands of other blacks are not worth as much as those who die at the hands of white security guards.

The man’s family and some part of the  Brazilian society have classified this death as a racial crime after the video of the attack was recorded and disseminated on social media. The tension has increased in several cities of Brazil, where mobs have protested outside and partially destroyed numerous supermarkets, which according to the violent mobs, represent Brazilian racial abuse.

It is not very clear how it is that a supermarket or a network of supermarkets bears responsibility for the violence of two men, but the ignorant masses, like mindless hyenas, attack whatever they can to blow off some steam, as they loot and destroy stores.

Soon, if the government does not take clear and firm measures, all the supermarkets, shops, and other businesses surrounding the supermarkets will be attacked by this mob of violent ignoramuses who, as in the United States, believe that destroying private property is how they will get retribution for what the media calls systemic racism.

We will see what the role of the media will be in Brazil regarding this manifestation of violence. In the United States, violent people destroyed private property, assaulted bystanders on the streets, and beat those who denounced their violence, but the media called them peaceful protesters. The same media also blamed President Trump for ‘inciting violence’, when they did not themselves dare to condemn the violence committed by Antifa-led protesters.

In Brazil, the political situation is almost identical to that of the United States. Most of the media vehemently oppose President Jair Bolsonaro, so it will not be a surprise if CNN Brazil and Globo soon begin to blame Bolsonaro for the black man’s death.

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