PORTO ALEGRE – Columnists and journalists who live outside Brazil and talk about the country as if they lived here have no idea about what this place is like.

Here, the Attorney General, Eduardo Cardozo, justifies Dilma Rousseff’s illegal actions, for which she is being prosecuted, with the excuse that other governments have done the same. He implies that her behaviour is tolerable because other politicians did the same and did not get caught.

Those who still support the Worker’s Party’s destruction of the Brazilian Dream are either political allies, cohorts, people who occupy bureaucratic positions and receive fat salaries paid for by the taxpayer or others who belong to the select group of laid back, lazy and miserable people who were taught to conform and to be an obedient government slave.

Only the members of those groups can possibly believe that what has happened over the last few months is simply an attempt to illegally remove an elected president.

What they do not say is that this elected president has abused her powers in more ways than it is reported. Dilma and her predecessor are the two visible heads of a system that allegedly promotes social justice and that the PT says, has taken millions out of poverty.

What PT supporters leave out of their talking points is that, in order to bribe those millions of people with “free” homes, “free” food and other goodies, their government has been financially raping the middle class in this country, while the rich live as they please.

The reality check provided above simply demonstrates the arrogance of the political class here, which is mirrored on the faces of leaders like Rousseff and Lula and spread around by the millions of ignorant masses who see them as their saviours.

What the political class in Brazil, all political parties included, has done to destroy this country cannot be punished with a simple impeachment. In fact, most of the criminals that call themselves politicians will walk free after everything is said and done, because this is a country without accountability.

Brazil, like many other western countries, is a slave plantation. It is like an open air concentration camp, where people are milked from birth to death.

Here, neither the family man nor the small business owner has a decent chance of succeeding, because only large corporations get special treatment, juicy tax exemptions, and exclusive conditions to buy and sell their products.

In the meantime, honest people who want to bring food to their family’s table cannot do so, unless they abide by the tyranny of the socialist system controlled by the political crime syndicate that governs over them.

Even after being suspended from office, Dilma Rousseff showed defiance to the rule of law, by claiming that the process that seeks to impeach her is nothing else than a “modern coup”.

For people like Rousseff and many members of her party, having been elected with the support of millions of people was synonymous with having the power to do everything she wanted.

Thursday’s outcome in the Brazilian Senate is a logical correction to a growing lack of check and balances, where the Brazilian Executive did and undid anything and everything and where Congress was a simple bystander that allowed all kinds of cheating, bribing and looting of the country’s resources.

The only force that was able to shake the government a bit was the anger of millions of Brazilians who are tired of not having decent schools where their children can learn what they need to succeed in the 21st century, those who lost relatives because of the lousy and unsanitary conditions which hospital patients need to endure or others who live in fear everyday due to the exponential rise in homicides and robberies in plain daylight.

In addition to the growing anger in a small part of the population, there is undoubtedly an element of external interventionism which is being carried out by well-known actors such as billionaire George Soros and the Central Intelligence Agency itself.

Foreign interest groups are salivating at the fact that under a future government, Brazil will be made available to their ambitious plans to take total possession of natural resources, especially the Amazon forest, which both Lula and Dilma have given away to large agricultural businesses; and the Pre-salt oil reserves.

The scandal at Petrobras, the Brazilian oil giant, was the start of the current economic and political crisis. The leaking of information related to the pillaging of the country came directly from a National Security Agency (NSA) spying effort that included tapping into Dilma Rousseff’s personal phone.

The same happened to other world leaders like Angela Merkel, whose phone was found to have been spied on by the NSA. A shift in the actions of politicians such as Merkel made it clear that intelligence agents had gathered enough data to blackmail them unless they supported their plans to conquer countries where they did not have complete control.

In Brazil, the political crime syndicate ignored countless requests to join the international global elite’s plan to surrender more of the nation into their hands, so foreign groups seized the opportunity to destroy the country from the inside by leaking information on Petrobras’s corrupt schemes, government financial malpractice and a long list of crimes that involved hundreds of politicians.

The current political and economic struggle in Brazil is the modern version of how a country and its people are brought to the ground while they are distracted fighting against each other. It is PROBLEM, REACTION, SOLUTION.

The same modus operandi has been used in other western countries, with more or less violent uprises and with more or less Police State measures being enacted.

France and Belgium are two clear examples of the case described above. Both nations were manipulated by synthetic terrorism and their governments are now fervent sponsors of anti-human policies. The same can be said about Venezuela, Colombia and other countries in the southern hemisphere.

Those who think that Brazil will be a better country just because Dilma Rousseff is out of office, or because Lula might be prevented from running for office in 2018 are blatantly ignorant. The same can be said of those who think that Aécio Neves or Marina Silva are real solutions to the PT problem as they are themselves bought and paid for by Soros himself.

There are a lot of words that can be used to describe the current impeachment process, but a coup is not one of them. That is unless the calls for change from a noisy minority is considered a coup.

Brazilians need to learn to be more sophisticated when trying to understand what is happening in their country. It is not as simple as a “modern coup” or a case of political vengeance. It is instead a fight, a battle in a long war that will decide who controls the plantation: the local crime syndicate or a group of foreign conquerors.

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