Sunday’s pro-unity rally in Barcelona was staged, orchestrated by Madrid, maybe with EU and US help.

Sunday on Catalonia’s TV3, the region’s leader President Carles Puigdemont announced the following:

“The declaration of independence, that we don’t call a ‘unilateral’ declaration of independence, is foreseen in the referendum law as an application of the results. We will apply what the law says.”

Catalans demand no less. Their 92% pro-independence vote on October 1 speaks for itself – less than 8% against secession.

Sunday’s pro-unity rally in Barcelona was staged, orchestrated by Madrid, maybe with EU and US help, trying to create the impression that Catalan secession supporters suddenly changed their minds. Not likely!

Catalan referendum law permits a declaration of independence within 48 hours of a “yes” vote. It’s now eight days later, long past when Puigdemont and parliamentarians should have acted.

Perhaps an announcement is coming on Tuesday or sooner. Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy vowed he won’t tolerate independence – intending all measures necessary to stop it, including fast-tracking legislation to let Catalan-headquartered companies move elsewhere in the country.

More belligerence is also likely in the wake of an independence declaration – by national police, civil guards, military forces, and far-right gangs enlisted to stoke violence, already on Catalan streets.

Madrid fascists openly called for arresting and imprisoning Puigdemont and other Catalan pro-independence officials.

Battle lines are drawn if secession is announced. Western media are in cahoots with Rajoy. Spanish media suppressed pro-independence content.

Rajoy rejects mediation, demands Catalan subservience to Madrid, wanting fascist rule triumphing over democracy.

Self-independence is a universal right, affirmed in the UN Charter and other international law.

Catalan independence is legal and justified. If overwhelming popular sentiment is to have any meaning, secession from fascist Spain will be announced when Puigdemont and parliament meet on Tuesday or sooner.

It’s likely but not certain. Anything ahead is possible, including a repeat of blood in the streets.

Dubious Pro-Unity Rally in Barcelona

Reportedly busloads of people were sent to Barcelona for a so-called pro-unity rally on Sunday, attended by large crowds.

Catalans overwhelmingly want independence. Polls and last Sunday’s referendum vote proved it.

Have they changed their mind during the week? Do they now reject independence? Or is something rotten in Denmark?

Western media claim thousands massed in Barcelona against independence, for unity with Madrid instead, waving red-and-yellow national flags, a hated symbol of regime repression.

Right-wing Peruvian novelist Mario Vargas Llosa and former European Parliament president Josep Borrell were flown in for Sunday’s rally.

Madrid and its allies are pulling out all the stop to quash Catalan independence, using whatever underhanded tactics it takes to prevent it, including deception, trying to create the impression that Catalan secession supporters suddenly changed their minds.

Make sense? Make your own judgment. Sunday’s Barcelona rally had a distinct staged event aroma, not reflecting pro-independence sentiment, orchestrated by Madrid with EU and US backing, maybe CIA and Brussels intelligence operatives involved, attempting to dissuade Catalan President Carles Puigdemont and MPs from declaring independence when they meet on Tuesday.

The Madrid-co-opted Barcelona Bar Association published an open letter saying: “The Independent Commission for Mediation, Dialogue and Conciliation has told the president that it is essential to hold back on political decisions that will increase the tension between the state and Catalan governments.”

On Saturday, orchestrated unity rallies were held in Madrid along with other cities and towns, everyone dressed in white under the slogan “Let’s talk.”

Did thousands of Spaniards decide to dress the same way on the same day instead of their usual attire, rallying in support of the widely detested Madrid regime?

Catalans left no doubt where they stand, their support for independence solidified by last Sunday’s police state violence.

The so-called pro-unity rally in Barcelona was a staged affair, lacking credibility, not reflecting overwhelming Catalan support for independence from fascist Spain.

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