Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media giants censor stories that challenge the “climate consensus”.

If there is one element that science should lack, that element should always be consensus. So, why are social media companies censoring content based on their belief that climate consensus is the most important pillar of the climate change fraud?

This modus operandi is not new. When the Establishment is unable to debate and win an argument on the merits of facts, gatekeepers always resort to personal attacks and censorship.

For this reason, the companies of the Alphabet group will not allow advertising, nor will they monetize the dissemination of content that contradicts the “scientific consensus” on climate change.

The allege that “an immense list of scientific studies clearly indicate for years that the Earth is currently experiencing climate change caused, in large part, by human activities”. The premise is a widely debunked idea that the burning of fossil fuels to  carry out agricultural practices and livestock maintenance are the two main causes of high levels of greenhouse gas emissions.

“Despite the overwhelming majority consensus of the scientific community on the reality and origin of this climate process”, social media giants allege, people continue to spread “fake news” and videos in which “climate change is denied”.

The Alphabet Corporation decries that, in some cases, the creators and disseminators of this type of false or misleading content achieve large audiences and, consequently, earn money from advertising that is inserted in these publications.

In an attempt to curb the spread of this type of debate, Alphabet, Inc. has announced that it will ban advertisements and stop funding media that contradicts the scientific consensus on climate change.

The decision of the Alphabet business group was communicated through an official note from the Google Ads team.

The new ban applies to Google banner ads online, as well as YouTube websites and videos that serve Google ads. They include any content that denies human responsibility for global warming or treats “climate change as a hoax or a scam,” the Google Ads note highlights.

Google, the largest seller of digital ads, has come under fire for allowing companies seeking to discredit or deny climate change to buy search ads, the Bloomberg news agency recalls.

On Google-owned YouTube, inaccurate weather videos received more than 21 million views and posted ads frequently, according to 2020 research by the nonprofit Avaaz. That report prompted a reprimand against Google.

Earlier this week, Google launched several functions for searches, maps and other services that supposedly improve information and access to content in defense of the environment.

In the same vein, according to Bloomberg, in recent years, YouTube has tried to stop recommending to users that they deny global warming to viewers. Facebook Inc. has taken similar measures on its platforms.

For the new rule on ads, Google said it consulted with members of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the political group that first claimed humans are responsible for the warming of the planet and the main emitters of CO2, which they allege is the main cause of global warming.  Both of these allegations lack scientific evidence, but the owners of Alphabet Inc. will begin enforcing this anti-fake ban in November this year.

The move to ban content that disagrees with the official story on how the planet warms and cools is not new. Social media giants have also carried out censorship campaigns against content generators who spouse views that are different from the Establishment, such as the lie that Donald Trump was a Russian asset, election fraud in the 2020 US election, the origin of Hunter Biden’s laptop, among others.

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