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China cooked the virus and spread it out there 

As shocking as such an accusation may seem, that is exactly what Dr. Li-Meng Yan, a renowned Chinese scientist claimed last night on FOX News’s Tucker Carlson Tonight.

The accusation is so shocking, but also so clearly explained, that Dr. Yan, that she is had to hide from the Chinese government, she says.

Dr. Yan has published part of her research to demonstrate China’s participation in the creation and spread of the Sars-Cov2 virus that allegedly causes COVID-19, and she intends to publish the second part of her scientific work shortly.

Despite the fact that many scientists all over the world have the same information available to them, no one else has been so firm in explaining how the Chinese government cooked and released the virus, or for that matter, why they did so.

Yan explained that the current form of coronavirus would not a threat to people unless it was modified to do so.

Dr. Yan added that the current strain of coronavirus was indeed changed in a Chinese lab, and then somehow released to the environment. She knows that after analyzing the virus’ genetic code, which she explained is like a person’s unique identifier.

Watch Tucker Carlson’s complete interview with Dr. Li-Meng Yan below:

Since her coming out as a whistleblower, Dr. Yan’s Twitter account has been suspended, much like many other doctors who questioned the official narrative being spread by the mainstream media.

To her credit as a virologist, Dr. Yan has worked laboratories in Honk Kong where much of which scientists do is precisely work on studying viruses such as Sars-Cov2 in their natural form in order to learn more about the possibility that they may become harmful to humans.

During her work at WHO-affiliated laboratory on infectious diseases at Hong Kong School of Public Health, Dr. Yan created a network of professional contacts who have been providing her information during her work at the lab, as well as now, after she has gone into hiding.

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