Liberals cannot stand Trump because he took away their dream to continue governing the United States for another 8 years with the same insanity shown by Barack Obama. The only difference between the two Liberal options was that under Hillary the US would have certainly gone to war with Russia, while with Sanders the country would become, although for a very short period of time, a socialist utopia.

Swimming in the ocean of mindless criticism of Trump, there are a few politicians and intellectuals who, due to their academic accomplishment, are heard with more attention than the average insane Liberal. However, no academic degree can take away lunacy, can it?

That is the case of Noam Chomsky. He is a very well known American “intellectual” who has written numerous books on the abuses of the State. He wrote insightful manuals on how the media is controlled and how government uses oppressive and coercive practices to keep people in line.

His works, which have been popular for years, became even more popular under the George W. Bush presidency, when the US attacked and destroyed the Middle East.

In a recent press conference in Mexico, Chomsky spoke about the 45th US President, declaring that Trump is a skillful demagogue, who has managed to connect with the “legitimate fears” on the part of society, “as Hitler and Mussolini did.”

“Trump is a phenomenon that reflects the moment in which the country finds itself after decades of policies that have concentrated political and economic power in a few, and that have distorted the capacity of institutions to serve their citizens,” he added.

Chomsky, a Professor Emeritus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), was invited to Mexico by its flagship university, UNAM, to the lecture series The harassment of civilization. During the event, the “intellectual” identified the US as the reason why drugs are sold with such success.

The rise of the Republican tycoon is, for the 88-year-old linguist who began his political activism against the Vietnam War, the result of emptiness, helplessness and even the humiliation felt by the white working class before the American political establishment. “Especially the Democratic Party, which has forgotten to address material issues.”

The Democratic Party has treated the white working class as stupid 

“Trump has managed to make them feel that he is the only politician who gives them a voice, who defends their traditions and culture. Later, Chomsky constructed bridges in what appears to be his analysis of how Trump is an incarnation of Hitler or Mussolini.

In addition, “he has built an external enemy: Mexicans, Asians, migrants. It is the same logic that Hitler used with the Jews, although obviously neither the Jews were going to destroy Germany nor the migrants will do it with the United States. ”

On the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (FTA), the philosopher interpreted the uncompromising position of the US as an opportunity for the other two partners “Mexico and Canada should take advantage to introduce elements that favor their citizens, such as trade union rights”.

Chomsky piled on the US saying that “the origin of the drug problem in Mexico is the United States”, recalling that from the northern neighbor come the greater demand for drugs and the greater supply of arms.

The emergence of the new social movements against the neoliberal policies of the late nineties, known as anti-globalization, recovered the figure of the veteran philosopher with titles such as “Fear of democracy” or “How do we sell the motorcycle, where the simple language and pedagogical will landed dangers of deregulation of markets, the enthronement of finances and the weakening of unions”.

Applied, for example, to the phenomenon of global warming, his theses sounded this Wednesday in Mexico: “If you are an oil company, your only interest and objective is immediate profit.

In your operative plans you do not conceive that what you are doing can end the life of your children. Everything that does not benefit is considered an externality, something accessory. That is the heart of the capitalist economy, a system that is destined for self-destruction ”

As shown in Chomsky’s statements, Liberals still cannot swallow that Trump is occupying the White House. Liberals blame Trump for dangers created via unnecessary wars brought about by men and women from all sides of the political spectrum over the last 50 years.

People like Chomsky have betrayed real Liberals with their support for the false “global warming” debacle and for failing to publicly admit that illegal immigration is indeed a threat to any country in the world, even the United States of America. In these two issues, Chomsky, knowingly or not, sides with the corporations he apparently criticises for seeking profit and little else.

Illegal immigration and so-called global warming are both corporate inventions to seize more power from the people. There is no threat of global warming in the way it is explained by dubious studies and debunked “scientists”. Human activity is not the main cause of any warming, and human emissions are only a small portion of the total CO2 or water vapor that is released into the atmosphere.

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