After suffering the largest defeat in history, mainstream corporate-controlled media have triple and quadruple down on their lies and dishonesty.

It is not a surprise, since lying to its readers and viewers is key to the success of their business and that of their backers, the corporations that day in and day out finance their operations.

There are billions of dollars to be made for both the corporate-controlled media and their financial supporters, the same ones you see between news segments, offering to cure everything and anything you suffer from, telling you how to invest your money and warning you about the newest domestic threat to keep you in fear.

Today, The New York Times, the Washington Post, The Guardian, CNN and MSNBC are infested with articles and reports about the threat that the new administration posses to the national and global order, and they are right.

The existing world order is threatened by the Trump administration because, based on rhetoric and early actions, Trump will bring order to Washington and the rest of the world based on policies that seek to benefit America first and to renegotiate agreements with other nations in a way that benefits everyone.

Trump announced his intention to stop exporting and enforcing western democracy to other parts of the world and to attempt to exterminate threats created by previous American administrations.

After his speech on January 20, Trump was called all kinds names by media pundits, while he concentrates on withdrawing America from disadvantageous treaties and fixing Washington.

Today, the mantra on most left-wing media outlets is the use of the term “alternative facts”. Such a term was spoken by Kellyanne Conway, a Trump Senior Adviser. It wasn’t too long before media attack dogs appeared on television worldwide and on print media, alleging that the Trump administration will combat truth with lies.

Once again, the corporate media sees its own reflection on others, as it has been them who have been swindling the public with lies and disinformation for decades. In an article published on The Guardian, Jon Swaine says in an opinion piece that the “Trump presidency begins with assault on truth”.

Meanwhile, on the Washington Post, Margaret Sullivan says that White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer “killed” the traditional way in which journalists report on the US president.

On MSNBC, Chuck Todd, attacked Kellyanne Conway on Meet the Press, for saying that the Trump administration would fight media lies with “alternative facts”, which in Todd’s mind means that the Trump White House will use falsehoods to diminish the media’s reporting on true facts.

On the New York Times, the first five articles on the homepage are attacks on the Trump administration. Instead of focusing on policy matters, Nicholas Fandos talks about how the White House “pushes alternative facts”, Peter Baker and his colleagues report on how “rocky” was the weekend for Trump’s top aids, Jonathan Weisman talks about how Sean Spicer’s beef with the media goes back to his college years, and Eric Lipton reports on how a foreign payment to one of Trump’s companies violates the constitution.

Even Pope Francis has come out against Donald Trump -again- calling on his followers to avoid looking up to ‘saviours’ in times of difficulty. “The danger in times of crisis is to seek a saviour who will give us back our identity and defend us with walls,” said Francis in direct allusion to Donald Trump’s inauguration speech. Needless to say that Francis is part of the global establishment that wants things to remain the same.

The corporate media discourse has been supported by left-wing radical groups financed by George Soros, who has declared war on Donald Trump. Although many women and men truly marched to exercise their right to protest and to speak freely, the so-called Women’s March, turned out to be a vulgar demonstration of an entitled group of citizens who, led by Hollywood clueless figures, spoke about bombing the White House and the arrival of Hitler, while referring to Donald Trump.

In foreign disinformation outlets, such as El Pais from Spain, reporter Silvia Ayuso complains that Trump erased the Spanish version of the White House website and points out that Trump has no one of Hispanic origin in his cabinet.

While all of this occupies the attention of the mainstream media, real news are given little coverage.

There has been little or no mention of Trump’s meeting with Theresa May, or his scheduled talks with Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto and Canada’s Justin Trudeau, which will serve as a starting point to renegotiate trade agreements.

The corporate-controlled media is so dishonest, that they prefer to attack Trump on petty issues instead of pressing him on real ones. For example, the terms of new trade agreements with the UK, after Brexit is complete, the renegotiation of NAFTA, the abandonment of the TPP, which Trump has made a goal of his administration, and the terms in which he will bilaterally negotiate trade with individual nations that want to do business with America.

The reason why the media is patently dishonest is because it makes them more money to talk about Trump not having Hispanics on his cabinet or how he responds to insults from Madonna, than talking about real issues, such as what will be done to defeat ISIS and to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, among others.

Trump is right on one thing, with a few exceptions, mainly in independent media, journalists are some of the most dishonest people out there and they continue to prove his assertion every day.

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