The WHO argues that mandatory vaccination should be the “last resort” of countries.

The director of the European Office of the World Health Organization (WHO), Hans Kluge, insisted this Tuesday that mandatory vaccination against covid has to be “the last resort” of governments.

“We have to do everything possible at the cultural and political level to increase vaccination in all countries,” Kluge explained, adding that, before making immunization mandatory, countries have to convince their population.

Quarraisha Abdool Karim, the scientific director of the Center for AIDS Research in South Africa, and who also is on the government advisory committee on coronavirus, said, regarding Omicron’s progress in that country, that “we are observing the data. The numbers are rising very fast, especially in Gauteng province, while at the same time increasing in the rest of the regions.”

As of December 6, the WHO regional director reported, there were 432 detected cases of the omicron variant in European countries, without any deaths, and with all cases presenting mild symptoms only. However, many European countries continue their unbridled campaign to vaccinate citizens, even though the vaccine is ineffective in preventing infection, reinfection, hospitalization and in many cases death.

In the case of Covid, when the virus changes, it is necessary to look at two things: the transmissibility and the implications in relation to its severity.

Both aspects are more favorable with Omicrone than with Delta or Alpha. On the effectiveness of the vaccines, Abdool Karim says that “we know that those who were infected with the previous variants are catching it again.”

Large number of vaccinated, in fact, two-thirds on average, constitute the number of people reinfected and hospitalized. “We must monitor those who are vaccinated and experiencing mild symptoms, and those who are not vaccinated and experience more severe disease,” she says. Only 17% of those not vaccinated end up going to a hospital for medical attention.

When asked about the need to vaccinate children, which the WHO has said is unnecessary, Abdool Karim indicates that children are typically capable of responding strongly to the virus.

“At the beginning we saw that the severity of the virus was concentrated in the elderly. There have been very few serious cases in children. Given the shortage of doses, vaccines should go to those who can pass the disease with severe symptoms.”

Regarding the hysteria that each new variant generates, the director affirms that covid has come to stay. Like the common flu, covid will fade in severity and become more controllable.

“We must reach a state of indemnity. We learn to live with the virus and the virus learns to live with us. The flu is a good example. We have known for decades that every year it can affect us and there is a vaccine,” which by the way, does not prevent contagion, reinfection or hospitalization, but that does not cause so much fear to the population.

Unlike the common flu, which at the beginning of its appearance also made many sick in a massive way, covid has been sold with an additional dose of fear that is well publicized by the media, whose fortunes are largely increased by large pharmaceutical companies that advertise in their programs and by the “experts” in health, who with covid, have done everything wrongly.

One thing that has become clear is that a pandemic is not what makes all of humanity vulnerable, but the reaction we have does. Science and knowledge are a public good that has an impact on populations, that is why we cannot stop sharing or manipulating it, as it has been done with covid-19.

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