France, Spain and Germany to house over 100,000 refugees

The United States and its allies all over the world are directly responsible for the destruction of the third world. In Latin America, the United States has conquered most countries via so-called “free trade agreements” which have nothing to do with trade and all to do with monopoly Corporatism.

In Eastern Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, the U.S. has used its military artillery and that of its allies to bomb and destroy countries, murder their people and loot their national resources which it then hoards for itself and its allies on behalf of the corporations that are in control of their governments.

The destruction of the third world is declared and public U.S. policy.

Some writers and researchers believe that the destruction of third world nations and the meticulous extraction of all of their resources, although a great crime, is being done for a greater good. That greater goal is to “more fairly distribute the world’s resources” to a larger number of people, and that the murder of millions of people in the last few decades is part an effort to reduce the world’s population to a manageable number.

Both the concentration of resources in fewer and fewer hands and the radical reduction in the number of people, supporters of the vision say, is necessary to maintain world stability.

People who believe that the world is overpopulated and that we can no longer handle the needs of the current population have convinced a considerable portion of the public that the ongoing depopulation efforts are moral and necessary. “There are too many people in a world with finite resources”.

The lay people who believe such a thing are ignorant of the fact that most of the world’s wealth is concentrated in a miniscule percentage of hands. The members of this select group are not middle-class folks or the few millionaires we hear about over and over on television. These are people who we never hear about. They are the true owners of everything.

The same policies that promote perpetual war, poverty, debt, corporate and military conquest are now being followed by the logical and expected result: massive immigration.

In the same way that the United States, the World Bank and the IMF kept Latin America in poverty as a way to keep population under control, which resulted in millions of people seeking better life conditions in North America, millions of people whose countries have been destroyed by the western military machine or terrorist groups of their creation such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda, are abandoning their land and desperately riding rafts across the ocean to flee war, poverty and oppression.

The Destruction of the West

The arrival of hundreds of thousands of immigrants to Europe and the United States in the middle of the current economic and social crises now threaten to push civilization that much closer to the precipice. Unsurprisingly, that has been the plan all along.

The artificially created need to host hundreds of thousands of refugees was preceded by multiculturalism and a false call for cultural, gender and social equality that sought to establish conditions in which culture, real culture, was obliterated.

The cultural balkanization of the West is a concerted effort which involves political, social and religious figures. An example of this is Pope Francis calling for the creation of a New World Order, the same type of rhetoric we hear from the United Nations, European and American politicians and well-known corporate moguls.

The idea of creating a new world order includes the forceful arrival of immigrants as it is now happening in Europe.

The new scheme of the European Commission to redistribute refugees condenses distribution efforts in a few countries. Germany, France and Spain will host 59% of the 120,000 refugees who are now concentrated in Hungary, Greece and Italy. The move has sparked protests in many European nations, whose nationals do not see with good eyes the arrival of hundreds of thousands of Syrians, Yemenis, Afghan and Palestinian refugees.

The Greek island of Lesbos has become the main stage for unrest among the Syrian refugees, Afghans and the police. The clashes have left several injured in an island that is experiencing a severe overcrowding and that continues to receive refugees.

The Cyprus coast guard rescued 114 Syrians whose raft was about to sink. Rescued refugees, including many children, have been transferred to Larnaca and will go to a shelter west of the capital, Nicosia. The Syrians have told reporters they paid $4,000 per head to make the trip from Syria to Italy. Police have arrested three suspected traffickers.

The most serious incidents occurred in Lesbos on Saturday when about 500 migrants attempted to board a ferry to the port of Piraeus, although they did not have permission. The ferry was overloaded with 1,700 people and police denied access to the migrants by using their batons.

The refugee crisis has extended to Hungary, Austria and Germany. The flow of refugees arriving in Austria from Hungary to continue traveling to Germany continued today. The Austrian authorities some 10,000 people would cross the border into Germany.

Earlier, the Austrian railway company (ÖBB) reported that since Saturday its trains carried more than 13,000 people from Hungary towards Germany. On Saturday, a total of 11,000 refugees traveled on that same route. Along with the trains, it is expected that 40 special trains and about 20 buses will depart to Salzburg, near the German border to help mobilize the refugees.

While some European governments and a portion of the population are said to be open to the arrival of hundreds of thousands of immigrants, a new poll that surveyed 23 European countries shows the public’s clear opposition. “An international survey of 23 countries by Ipsos has found opposition to immigration in numerous countries across the world, with majorities often considering its effects to be negative and its scale excessive. European nations were typical of this trend,” reports

“Anti-immigration sentiment was particularly strong in Europe, with over 65% of Spaniards, Italians and British polled strongly or partly agreeing that “there are too many immigrants in our country”.

“Immigration is unpopular, with approximately three-quarters of the British public favoring reduced levels. Existing evidence also clearly shows high levels of opposition to immigration in the UK. In recent surveys, majorities of respondents think that there are too many migrants, that fewer migrants should be let into the country, and that legal restrictions on immigration should be tighter,” reports The Migration Observatory.

In Germany, one of the countries that seems to be more open to the arrival of immigrants, only 29% of those polled have a good opinion of immigration from third world nations. The public understands that, as long as Europe and the United States continue to offer conditions for immigrants to arrive, many more hundreds of thousands of people will continue to arrive on European coasts. Meanwhile, no one on the mainstream media dares to link the current arrival of refugees to the traditional interventionism of western nations who for decades have seen the third world as their colonies and backyards.

Even if this kind of massive immigration meant something positive for Europe, which is not the case, one has to remember that the arrival of hundreds of thousands of immigrants in the short term, and many more in the long term, means that both Europeans and immigrants will be ‘fighting’ for the same resources at a time when Europe is going through a very clear economic collapse and a series of massive austerity measures that have resulted in cuts to welfare programs.

While so-called experts cannot provide suggestions, much less solutions for the current flow of refugees to Europe, the solution is staring them on the face: STOP INVADING, BOMBING AND INTERVENING in the affairs of nations. STOP FUNDING AND ARMING TERRORIST GROUPS to do the dirty work of western corporations. STOP OVERTHROWING DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED LEADERS because they do not abide by the rules of western imperialists. STOP PUTTING PUPPET GOVERNMENTS IN PLACE that in addition to oppressing their own people are complicit in the destruction of their economies and cultures. STOP SPONSORING VIOLENT REGIMES that function as proxy actors in the balkanization of their populations by promoting cultural and religious conflict.

The people who are in power have successfully destroyed hundreds of nations via war and economic policies, and now, they are on the way to destroying the west. While in the past they have used the terrorism hoax to amass power that is later used to destroy third world nations, now they are using massive immigration to collapse the western world.


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