Was Robert Mueller an unintended asset to Donald J. Trump’s plan to “drain the swamp”?

Was the Mueller investigation an attempt to unmask the shadow government’s treasonous practices against a lawfully elected president, as supposed to or in addition to an investigation on Russian collusion?

If it was not, it worked like a charm for the Trump administration. Despite the constant baseless accusations from Democrats and the mainstream media, Trump managed to survive two years of public deceit regarding his supposed collusion with Russia.

Now, after 22 months of investigations, we must remember that there was collusion indeed, except that such collusion originated from Hillary Clinton’s camp, even before the campaign kicked off.

No one remembers anymore, but it was Hillary Clinton’s State Department that gave Russia control of U.S. uranium supplies. According to NPR, it was Barack Obama who approved the deal where Rosatom, Russia’s state mining company acquired Uranium One, a Canadian mining company with rights to extract uranium from US territory. That deal never had the kind of scrutiny that Trump’s alleged sexual scandals had through election day and beyond, until 2019.

No one remembers anymore that Hillary Clinton mishandled, to put it kindly, sensitive emails related to national security. Neither Robert Mueller nor James Comey afforded the kind of scrutiny to Clinton’s email scandal as they did to Trump’s supposed collusion with Russia, even though there was proven and clear evidence of wrongdoing. She was conveniently given a pass by Comey after flip-flopping on the significance of his findings.

The two previous scandals that the “Deep State” tried to hide revealed so much more about the Washington DC swamp than the allegations of collusion between Trump, his campaign or someone who knew him, with Russia. The claims saw the day of light after reports emerged that some people close to Trump had met with a Russia ambassador and other businessmen, which the media dutifully painted as suspicious.

Having lost the election and in a clear attempt to seek revenge, Democrats provided all the gun powder that the mainstream media needed to make a storm out of a glass of water.

The media published allegation after allegation without showing proof or citing credible sources, that people in the Trump campaign and perhaps even Trump himself had colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election.

Then came the famous, or infamous Steele dossier, a set of documents which, as we have known for months, was put together “by a former British intelligence officer and commissioned by the Hillary Clinton campaign”, reports the National Review.

The Steele Dossier was not a scandal only because it was false, or because it was requested by the Clinton camp, but also because it gave legitimacy, at least in the eyes of the Democrats in government who accepted it at face value, to wiretap and spy on some of Trump’s close aides.

Of course, there could not be a political scandal without a sexual scandal. Parallel to the allegation of collusion with Russia, Trump was also attacked by the same Left-wing media because of his alleged affairs with porn stars. The New York Times, CNN, MSNBC and other traditional media published details about supposed payments by Trump and/or the Trump campaign to Stormy Daniels, a porn star who alleged she had had a sexual relationship with that man.

It was Daniels’ word against Trump, but in a world where the media highlights “male toxicity” all day, the public was supposed to believe the porn star and her corrupt lawyer, Michael Avenatti, who was arrested for trying to extort $20 million from Nike, embezzling client’s money, defrauding a bank.

Unfortunately, the fake political and sexual scandals promoted by the Democrats and the mainstream media echoed beyond the United States. Hundreds if not thousands of propaganda houses in Europe and Latin America reproduced, in multiple languages, the same lies that American media were telling the public.

Why is this bad? Because the first impression is what counts for most people who consume misinformation around the world. In their eyes there will not be an acquittal of Trump and his allies in the court of public opinion. Trump’s image and reputation have been forever marked with a giant stamp that reads COLLUSION, and there is no justice that will clear their names.

Up until today, Wikipedia is filled with misinformation about the “Russian Collusion scandal” and people will continue to read the lies put out by the media and the Democrats for decades to come.

After 2800 subpoenas, 500 witnesses, 500 search warrants, 230 communications records, 50 wiretaps, 13 foreign government intelligence requests and the work of 40 FBI agents were consumed over 675 days, the Mueller report was clear: Neither Donald J. Trump nor anyone around him attempted to or colluded with any Russian to win the 2016 election. There is no evidence that Trump intended to obstruct the Mueller investigation, a claim made by Democrats and the media after rumors of no collusion began to circulate in Washington.

The result of the Muller report is something we all apparently missed at first: The Mueller report unveiled an attempt by sore losers in the mainstream media and the Democratic National Committee to usurp power from the US government, to change the result of an election that they lost fairly and squarely, to defame a seating US president with rumors and false accusations of extramarital affairs, collusion and obstruction scandals while they themselves were the perpetrators of a political coup d’Etat.

What is worse than all of that put together is that almost no one is demanding a complete investigation of the crimes committed by Hillary Clinton, the Democrats, and the media. While giant tech companies censor users for dissenting about official stories, the mainstream media is getting away with supporting an attempt to subvert power from a legally elected president, no investigation is being conducted over who are the people behind the coup, both in media and politics.

A week after the US Attorney General put out a summary of the conclusions given by Robert Mueller, there are still people in the media and Democrats in Congress -Adam Schiff and Maxine Waters- who, after fully supporting the Mueller investigation for years, now claim that such investigation is not valid. The reason for their dishonesty is losing, again. They lost the 2016 election and they just lost their only chance to get back to the White House via a coup d’Etat.

The same media and the same Democrats who accused Trump of colluding with Russia as a means to win the 2016 election, are the same people who tell the public that there is no border emergency and that protecting the border is ‘racist’. They are the remainings of a decaying yet still poisonous structure of power that has agents all over government and who will continue to pose a threat to representative democracy. These are the same people who now want the Electoral College abolished because they do not really care about the real representation of all Americans who vote every four years. They only care about power.

Much in the same fashion that Leftist and socialists took over control of Brazil since the 1960s and until last year, infiltrating the educational system, and the bureaucracy in general, Democrats in the United States want to get to power and never let go off of it. This is why they are for open borders, because letting in millions of illegals, providing them with the privilege to vote and abolishing the Electoral College guarantees them perpetual power in the House of Representatives, the Senate and the White House.

The question now is how to prevent another non-scandal of this magnitude from happening, how to prevent another coup attempt. The answer is simple: You hunt down and take to court every single person who was involved in the political coup d’Etat against the Trump administration so that future treasonous attempts by the Deep State to usurp power from any president, Democrat, Republican or independent is more difficult from being carried out.

I would not hold my breath while waiting for that to happen.

As explained by Gregg Jarret, the Russian Collusion hoax was an attempt to clear Hillary Clinton, blame Donald Trump and scapegoat Russia as the next great enemy against whom America would inevitably have to go to war.

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