His swearing in next January 20 is a formality. Mr. Trump has been the acting US president since the day after he won the election. He has had more impact on the Dow Jones and the actions of US companies than Obama had in 8 years.

Donald Trump publicly faced off with China from the beginning of his campaign, stared the leaders of Mexico and the pundits that along with the mainstream media lied about him for the past 18 months.

Although the final tally of the electoral college vote will be known only on January 6, 2017, preliminary results show that Mr. Trump secured more than the 270 electoral votes to become the next president of the United States.

Barring an assassination – multiple threats have been made oh his life and his family, just as they were made on electoral voters who supported him – Trump will occupy the White House beginning on January 20.

The Electoral College, the institution that is in charge of electing the president of the United States, formalized the victory of Republican over Democrat, Hillary Clinton.

Rarely, in recent years, voters or compromisers, who form the electoral college had felt so much pressure to change their vote, and some indeed gave in. In Texas, two electoral voters who were supposed to vote Trump today ended up not supporting the candidate. In Washington, Hillary Clinton lost 4 electoral votes.

In the US system, the president is not who gets the most votes from citizens, but who wins the majority of the 538 state-based voters in the polling place. In this case, it was Trump.

From Washington to Sacramento and from Austin to Springfield, the United States returned to live an election day. The voters gathered in the respective capitals and cast the votes, already committed in advance depending on the outcome in each state.

If everyone voted what they should have voted, Trump should get 306 votes and Clinton 232. To achieve the majority, a candidate had to reach 270 votes, which the Republican managed in the mid-afternoon on the East Coast.

In recent days some progressive groups launched a campaign to persuade electoral voters to change their vote. The effort failed miserably.

In the tide of political hypothesis that flooded the United States, a possibility was floated that Democrats would agree with enough Republicans to vote for a Republican other than Trump.

In total, Clinton got 65.84 million votes, while Trump got 62,97 million.

Trump has argued that Clinton’s advantage is due to massive electoral fraud, especifically that millions of illegal aliens were allowed to vote.

Many US States do issue driver’s licenses to illegals and in many cases people can vote without the need to show any form of identification, which facilitates the commission of voting fraud.

It is well-known that, for example, in New York City, illegal aliens received driver’s licenses previous to the election. What is not clear right now is if illegals who were given driver’s licenses were allowed to vote on November 8. The same happens in California and Detroit. Not surprisingly, Hillary Clinton won those states.

While situations like this are ignored by politicians and the mainstream media, they do dedicate a lot of air time to conspiracy theories such as that Russia meddled in the election to favor Donald Trump. Neither the intelligence community, nor the US Congress have shown any credible proof that such intervention took place.

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