About fifty of the approximately 150 people who had been in direct or indirect contact with Eric Duncan Thomas, the Liberian man who died of Ebola in that city, and the two infected nurses who provided care and who were in direct contact with Thomas, completed their 21 day period of quarantine without having developed the disease, health officials reported.

Despite having had only one credible case of Ebola, Texas and other states such as New York are tightening preventive measures. In the city that never sleeps, the busiest passenger hubs which receive the most passengers from West Africa, has allegedly added more careful screening of incoming flights. Meanwhile, the Pentagon has sent a military expedition team of 30 people, including doctors,  to respond to possible emergency cases of Ebola that are detected within the Union.

But neither Texas nor New York have done what common sense truly call for: close the southern border and other ports of entry to flights and ships coming from the countries that have allegedly had the largest outbreak of Ebola.

As we reported back on October 7, the United States as a whole was falling into a general state of panic that had been well-fed by both alternative and mainstream media lies.

The hysteria and fear have joined the virus as top concerns of the federal authorities. Despite having produced only one death and two cases diagnosed two other cases that have been cleared of Ebola infection on American soil, the fear of citizens increases as unconfirmed cases of Ebola appear all over the country such as in the New York Metro area or university campuses.

The hype has served local politicians in Texas to “show their opposition” to Obama’s negative to close the borders to West Africans or people who travel into the US from that region. .

Since Ebola has not kept up with the hype it was created, the media is now after another caveat to keep people awake at night. We have begun to head that, with the arrival of the flu season, hospitals may be in a precarious situation as their emergency services could be overwhelmed by the influx of patients with Ebola-like symptoms in an early stage. These patients no doubt will be seen as potential Ebola threats and will most likely be quarantined even though no proof of Ebola infection can be detected at arrival. There is where the hype lays.

As of now, Eric Duncan Thomas’ bride, Louise Troh, his son Timothy of 13 years of age and two other family members living in the same apartment, have been cleared as no Ebola infection developed. Authorities have also cleared from contagion health workers who provided care to the Liberian man and another person who traveled in the same ambulance this before it was sterilized.

In a public notice, Louise Troh stated.. We are very happy that this is over, and very thankful that none of us has developed the disease. Therefore, we ask for privacy to rebuild our lives, our family and our daily life.”

Authorities in Texas have also ruled out the spread of the Ebola virus by the nurse who handled Eric Duncan Thomas’ belongings at Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas before embarking on a Caribbean cruise with 4,500 other people. The woman and her partner returned Sunday to Galveston, Texas, where they landed without problems, according to county officials.

Both the cases of Thomas’ relatives and that of the nurse are clear examples of how difficult it is to measure the possibility that Ebola patients may or may not spread the virus on those who were in direct contact with them. It also exemplifies how easily fear and hysteria take over the lives of people thanks to the campaign of fear created by the media.

According to official statements, when American health authorities learned that the nurse was on board the cruise, they requested her isolation as a precautionary measure, and tried to remove her from the cruise ship in Belize.

Fortunately for people in Belize, their government did not allow the ship to dock. The same happened in Cozumel, Mexico, which was one of the cruise’s stops. Instead of removing her from the ship, a doctor took bodily samples from the nurse which were later flown by a US Coast Guard helicopter.

In a letter published in the Sunday edition of the Dallas Morning News and Fort Worth Star Telegram, Barclay Berdan, president of Texas Health Resources, an organization of 25 Texas hospitals, including Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas, admitted that “mistakes were committed in handling this difficult situation , especially for not being able to be diagnosed Ebola when Duncan went with the first symptoms.The failure by the Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas to correctly diagnose Thomas has served as fuel for the hysteria in the United States, where anyone with mild flu symptoms may be detained and quarantined as a “preventive measure”.

The Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas has interviewed employees, reviewed the records and external experts have been consulted to determine the cause or causes of contagion, which remain a mystery. In this regard, Berdan said in his letter to the newspapers that: Based on what we know, I can say that many of the theories and allegations that have been collected in the media do not conform to facts or to the testimony of the hospital staff.”

Obama, meanwhile, tried to calm the population on Saturday. Ebola is a serious disease, but we don’t have an epidemic. There are 300 million people in this country, and only three cases have been diagnosed…. We can not fall into hysteria and fear, because that will only hinder people from getting the information we need. The science and the facts must be our guide, ” Obama proclaimed.

The leader of the White House recalled that, according to experts, isolating West Africa from the rest of the world would only aggravate the problem: Trying to lock an entire region, even if that were possible, would only worsen the situation.” Obama insisted that the disease is not transmitted through the air, and that a person cannot get sick by traveling on a bus or a plane. As the contagion will occur through direct contact with body fluids,” he said. To support his words, the President recalled that he had met one of the survivors of Ebola patients. And I feel fine,” he said.

People would do a great disservice by believing Obama. For example, isolation of some regions in West Africa is the only action that helped stop the spread of the virus. That is exactly the opposite of what Obama said.

As the fear of Ebola remains high and with the so-called flu season at the door step, health authorities are already calling on people to vaccinate against the disease. According, to official figures, the largest number of flu cases tends to concentrate in January and February.

According to the Center for Disease Control there are about 200,000 hospitalizations each year while the death toll fluctuates between 3,000 and a maximum of 40,000 people. In other words, the flu causes more infection and death than Ebola has caused in recent history, yet people who get the flu are usually given pharmaceuticals and sent home to wait it out.

But in the case of Ebola, fear is free, and cases of healthy people with a cold or at most with the flu are being treated as if they had Ebola.

Examples of anxiety bordering on hysteria generated by the illness are collected every day for North American and European media. The school board of a primary school in the State of Maine has forced one of his teachers to remain under quarantine for three weeks simply because he had traveled to Dallas.

In another similar case, Syracuse University canceled a lecture by a photojournalist because he visited Liberia in September. The reporter returned to the USA after 21 days of prevention and since then has not presented a single symptom of Ebola. In the state of Mississippi, parents refuse to send their children to school because the principal recently returned from a trip to Zambia, in Southern Africa and thousands of miles away from the areas affected by the disease.

There is a lot of anxiety, and the only response to anxiety is factual information, but the alternative and mainstream media do not have time to do their homework.

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