The European Commission has just signed the second contract with the pharmaceutical company Pfizer / BioNTech for 300 million more doses of covid vaccines to deliver this year, although the contractual terms of the first agreement were unknown until recently. Neither the price of the doses, nor the deliveries, nor the possible compensation for drug failures were known.

Given the criticism for the lack of information, Brussels published at the beginning of the year the contracts signed with both authorized companies and those that are in the process of being signed, although crossing out the most relevant information.

The document signed for the first purchase has been made public and it details the possible responsibilities of the company in the event that the serum causes any damage to third parties, including companies.

It reads:

“The Commission, on behalf of the participating Member States, declares that the use of vaccines produced under this APA, will happen under epidemic conditions requiring such use, and that the administration of vaccines will therefore be conducted under the sole responsibility of the Member States.”

 This document was signed by the president of Pfizer’s vaccine program, Nanette Cocero, and the European Health Commissioner, Stella Kyriakides, on November 20, when the serum had not yet even been authorized for marketing. So, while in public the EC was saying that they would not execute any contract until the vaccine was tested for safety, it had already signed a contract for product delivery with Pfizer.

The text makes it clear that all responsibility rests with the European Commission and the member countries. The pharmaceutical company is responsible for any failure that could be registered in the manufacture of the serum, but once it has been delivered to the member countries, the multinational is not responsible, nor will it face any compensation or damages lawsuits.

Neither the multinational, nor any of its managers or workers, nor those of any of its partners will be held accountable for health damages to third parties, aka those who get injected the experimenta mRNA vaccine. There is no reference in the text to possible compensation for adverse effects not described in the drug’s technical data sheet.

This contract refers to the purchase by the European Commission of 200 million doses, with the option to buy another 100 million more.

It shows the amount to be paid for each dose, something about that the European authorities had refused to report, claiming a confidentiality commitment to avoid conflicts with other countries and other pharmaceutical companies.

The contract signed by the EC and the pharmaceutical company for the purchase of the first 200 million doses established a delivery schedule if the authorization occurred before December 15, which nevertheless occurred six days later.

If it was before that December 15 that Pfizer promised to deliver 25 million doses before the end of 2020. In the first quarter of the year, the company would deliver 40 million doses, between April and June, 60 million and for the third quarter, 75 million doses. The delay in the authorization would imply a modification of the subscribed calendar.

Another point of the contract refers to the possibility for member countries to deliver doses to third countries, either donated or sold. In this case, they would have to notify the company.

Brussels signed a second contract for the delivery of another 300 million doses (the same as the first, an initial 200 million and an expansion of another 100) for delivery this year.

At this time, the European authorities are negotiating a third contract to close the supply of 1.8 billion doses of covid vaccines (900 optional) for the years 2022 and 2023. Little is known about the terms of the contract.

However, a few days ago the Bulgarian Prime Minister, Boyko Borissov, revealed that “Pfizer charged 12 euros per dose. Then 15.50 euros. The Commission is now signing contracts for 19.50 per dose ”, he complained. According to Borissov, the increase could cost “at least 18 billion euros, at least.”

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