Conflict Rages in Donbass. Fighting never stopped.

It bears repeating what other articles stressed. Donbass is Obama’s war – using Ukraine’s military, Nazi-infested volunteer battalions and imported paramilitaries to do his dirty work.

After Minsk II, it slowed – giving Kiev time to regroup and rearm after being routed in battle.

US special forces and other combat troops are involved – on the pretext of training Ukrainian forces.

Provocative US military deployments and exercises close to Russia’s borders raise the stakes for direct confrontation.

Since conflict began last spring, Washington supplied Kiev with heavy weapons, intelligence and other active support.

Claims otherwise are Big Lies. NATO planes carrying arms and munitions arrive in Ukraine regularly.

Resumption of full-scale war looms – at Obama’s discretion, at the same time he’s raping Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and Yemen, as well as planning attacks on other countries.

America’s war machine never rests. Endless wars against humanity reflect official US policy.

Millions of corpses attest to its barbarity. Peace and stability are strictly verboten.

On April 13, a Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) report said the following:

“According to our information, the Ukrainian army is still intensively shelling our positions with all types of weapons, including heavy artillery, from the settlement of Opytniy.”

” ‘The settlement is controlled by the Ukrainian troops,’ the Defense Ministry said.”

“It also refuted reports of some media, which allege that the positions of the DPR army have been ousted from Peski, and there is a possibility of a breakthrough of the Ukrainian army.”

DPR’s Defense Ministry said: “We do not confirm those reports.”

Confirmation of Kiev’s aggression is clear. The OSCE’s Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) to Ukraine observed heavy fighting launched by Right Sector infested Kiev forces – using tanks, heavy artillery, automatic grenade launchers, mortars, heavy machine guns, small arms and other weapons.

OSCE monitors recorded 1,166 explosions. US-controlled Kiev proxy forces bear full responsibility.

A report in Germany’s Frankfurter Allegmeine newspaper saId NATO sources again accused Russia of sending troops and weapons to Donbass rebels – despite no corroborating evidence whatever.

None exists. Big Lies substitute. The report was US-dominated NATO’s latest phony accusation. It said:

“We continue to see Russia support local militias by sending arms, servicemen and military instructors (to Donbass).”

“Russia moves troops and military hardware equipment across the open border with Ukraine.”

Fact: Throughout months of conflict, no evidence whatever suggests Russian involvement – no troops, weapons or munitions supplied

Fact: Russia is the only country making forthright efforts for restoring peace.

Fact: Washington rejects it.

Fact: Obama continues using Kiev proxy forces to wage aggression on Donbass – including deliberately murdering civilian men, women and children in cold blood.

Fact: Washington wants Ukraine incorporated into NATO.

Fact: It wants US bases on Russia’s borders.

Fact: It wants long range missiles with multiple thermonuclear warheads targeting its heartland.

Fact: It wants regime change.

Fact: It wants US-controlled stooge government replacing Russian independence.

Fact: It wants control of Russia’s vast resources.

Fact: It wants its people exploited.

Fact: It wants its vast territory balkanized for easier control.

Fact: It wants a major rival eliminated.

Fact: It wants China weakened in the process.

Fact: It plans the same dirty process to replace its government with one Washington controls.

America’s war on humanity continues. State terrorism remains official US policy.

Big Lies conceal its high crimes against peace. Endless US wars threaten everyone. Freedom is disappearing in plain sight. Humanity’s survival hangs in the balance.

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