Problem, reaction, solution is now a well-known expression to describe a situation when government officials, corporations or individuals cause havoc or let it happen in order to bring about a plan they want to implement. Coronavirus seems to be another example of a case where negligence, disinformation and pseudoscience are used to call for and install states of affairs that would not otherwise be acceptable to anyone.

National governments adopted measures issued by the World Health Organization without questioning their validity in each of their nations. Worse than anything else is the fact that many of those directives came from the Chinese government itself, as they applied them in Wuhan and the rest of China after Sars-cov 2 began to run rampant in Asia.

Since the so-called coronavirus pandemic began, politicians and government officials have not wasted a day in trying to acquire more power to impose policies on the population, policies that by the way, are demonstrably insane, unscientific, illegal and unconstitutional, but that people passively accepted due to the fear campaign perpetrated by the mainstream media.

Confinement, as the WHO has admitted, was not only irrelevant in preventing mass contagion with coronavirus, but was also damaging for people’s physical and mental health. This measure not only did not stop the infection from happening but also destroyed complete economies. Wearing masks while being in close contact with other people is still something that no one knows whether it is medically beneficial or not. Both the WHO and national governments have swung their positions on wearing masks back and forth several times.

The same has happened with the use of hydroxychloroquine. Perhaps, this is the only pharmaceutical that has shown some hope for people who get sick with Sars-cov 2, and despite having a handful of studies that show its efficacy, both the WHO and health departments in many countries labeled the drug as dangerous and at different points in time refused to use to treat covid-19.

Practices such as the ones cited above show that not only did national governments and the WHO act negligently but also that they are responsible for the destruction of millions of lives, whole economies and of collapsing the health systems that would have otherwise been able to care of patients with other medical conditions that were neglected because of covid-19 malpractice.

The so-called pandemic presents people with the opportunity learn that governments are naturally grossly incompetent in handling crisis and no good can come from an entity whose first measures to deal with a crisis is eroding the constitutional and civil rights of people. But government interference does not stop there. They also told people that their jobs and lives were not essential, but that the jobs and lives of other people, who they determined based on unknown criteria, were more important.

People lost their jobs, closed their businesses and got depressed and infected with covid-19, all while following government unconstitutional measures.

Now, after the curve has been flattened in most countries, governments are ready to implement their next phase of draconian measures that include facial recognition, thermography and artificial intelligence to impose even more controls on the populations. In pre-covid-19, no one would have thought about facial recognition, thermography and artificial intelligence as good ideas to solve anything. Only in dictatorial places like China, where the Communist Party reigns supreme, can people get submitted by force to complete and continuous government surveillance, which incidentally, is carried out with the help of Big Tech.

As the de-escalation of draconian measures takes place, governments are not just going to let people get away with taking back their freedom. As thousands of citizens are already returning to their usual positions in their companies, bureaucrats are promoting the permanent surveillance of people via facial recognition technology, thermal technology and AI that will identify those “unfit” to go out and work.

Employees and companies will have to deal with the so-called new normal, a new term launched by government stooges to brainwash people into believing that their lives have changed forever, much like 9/11 was used to implement and permanently keep a surveillance state that is justified by the “terrorism” boogieman.

So-called experts are already pushing technological alternatives to obligate people to be permanently surveilled as a condition to regain control of their lives, including going back to work. There are several methods, “experts” say, that allow a worker to record without touching anything, something that did happen with systems such as personal access cards or fingerprint scanning.

Facial recognition and temperature controls

One of the alternatives is facial recognition, they say, a technology that already works in multiple offices, and that will certify that you are who you say you are in less than a second. These devices allow a maximum of 30,000 faces to be stored and can be connected to both a local server and the cloud.

After corroborating your identity, there is still something else to do, they add. They want to install temperature control as a routine practice.

In a company, depending on the flow of workers who want to access a building, this control will be carried out with thermographic devices, which measure the temperature without having to break the safety distance. There are two classes: portable, indicated for the individual check-up of people; and fixed ones, intended for groups that want to access at the same time.

If the person who wants to enter the workplace is not registered by the company, there are self-management totems that, through apps and the use of QR codes, collate the data of the visit, authorize its access and prevent queues from forming in the entrance of the enclosure.

Why are these proposals irrelevant and not efficient in helping people getting back to their normal lives? Because a thermal imaging device that reads someone’s temperature will not be able to know if the person’s body is hot because he is sick, because he ran two blocks to get to work, or because he just got out of a hot environment that made him sweat and become abnormally warm. But most importantly, these technological suggestions are another step in making people acquiesce to giving away their rights and privacy to governments and companies in exchange for “normality”.

Artificial intelligence

Once inside the offices, there is a basic duty to fulfill, experts warn. Keep a safe distance. Something simple in theory but that factors such as lack of habit and the hustle and bustle of the work rhythm can complicate, they say.

But don’t worry, when surveillance is not enough, there is always a solution available: more surveillance. For this, there are video systems that, using artificial intelligence algorithms, detect and alert of crowds or breaches of said distance, much like Big Brother systems alerted people about not gathering in Orwell’s 1984. They also have the ability to distinguish whether workers are wearing face masks and personal protective equipment, just as in 1984, AI systems in offices and homes barked at people to obey the rules.

It is the least intrusive and most easily adoptable method, explain those who have a stake in the millions of dollars that are to be made from the adoption of this technology. But if you don’t like those methods of mass control, Big Brother has something more fashionable for you. There are also wearables and everyday objects with built-in technology or portable accessories that can measure body temperature. How about that! You can be a slave of the system while looking flashy and trendy. What else can you ask for?

In the event of any incident, the system issues a warning to the control center, where thousands of events can be monitored simultaneously (Big Brother).

There is a key point. All this technology is very good, but it has to be managed, centralized and coordinated from a control center. And guess who is going to do all the controlling and coordination? Having a company behind us that exercises that role remotely brings enormous added value and gives confidence to our customers, says a tech expert. Sure, because Google, Facebook, Amazon and Twitter abuses are not enough examples of why we should not give Big Tech companies control of our lives. At least in the case of Facebook profiles and Google mail users have the possibility of opting out, by not using them, but what is being presented as the solution to the problem is something that will not provide that option.

If you want to be able to work, study and move around your town or country, you will have to submit to constant surveillance and obey the rules that an unelected thug somewhere will tell you to follow. If you don’t, you will have to remain out of society, confined forever in your room, in your house, not able to work, study, shop, or enjoy parks, beaches, or mountains. If you do not agree to submit to draconian measures, you will no longer be treated as a human. You will be treated as a threat to society for not submitting to what power-thirsty oligarchs and their bureaucratic lackeys demand that you do in exchange for giving you back your humanity.

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