Rapes and assaults committed by North African immigrants on December 31 took place in a coordinated manner in several German cities.

The wave of sexual assaults and robberies of women registered on the night of December 31 in Cologne and other German cities was coordinated and prepared, said Justice Minister, Heiko Maas.

“That such a horde meets to commit crimes seems somehow planned,” said the Social Democrat Minister in an interview published Sunday by the “Bild am Sonntag”. “Nobody can tell me that this was not coordinated or prepared”.

Maas did not rule out a link between the events in Cologne and similar incidents experienced on the same night in other cities such as Hamburg, Stuttgart and Frankfurt.

“We must analyze carefully all connections. We suspect that a specific date was chosen in which large groups of people would gather together”speculated the minister. In that case, he concluded, the situation “would take a very different dimension.”

The incidents occurred on December 31 in the central square of the train station in Cologne, where about a thousand people had met to celebrate the arrival of 2016.

Several groups were separated from the gathering to be robbed, harassed and to grope women who were passing by. Police received 379 complaints so far, according to new figures released on Saturday.

The presence of refugees and men of Arab or North African origin among the aggressors increased pressure on the open door policy promoted by Angela Merkel, who on Saturday announced a tightening of asylum law.

The Christian Democratic Union (CDU), Merkel’s party now proposes that refugees lose the right to asylum if they are sentenced to prison or probation, as well as reducing the limits to carry out deportation of foreign criminals.

The government’s decision angered the opposition Greens. “These hasty reactions are hypocritical and contribute to stir up prejudice and hatred against refugees”, said Simone Peter, the head of the opposition, in the Sunday “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung”.

Despite any allegations of prejudice, the fact is that many foreign immigrant men who were gathered on the square on the night of December 31 were responsible for the assaults, groping and other attacks against women. These men, under no condition seem to deserve refugee status as they have demonstrated no respect for German women or their values. These men are unfit to live along Germans as they have shown no tolerance for the law.

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