Members of a few national governments in the United States, Brazil, and Europe have pledged, in their political campaigns, to combat globalism, gender ideology, political correctness, and cultural Marxism, among others.

The choice to use these terms indicated the policy to be adopted for their time in office. But, after all, what do these expressions mean?

Let’s define those terms so you are clear about what is it that these governments and the politicians that sponsor nationalism, country first and legal immigration, to cite a few topics, actually mean when they use words such as Globalism, Gender ideology, Cultural Marxism, Political correctness, Socialism, Ideological bias and Identity Politics.


The term Globalism means a world government formed by supranational bodies, that is, above the administration of each country.

For the critical line of the phenomenon, this domination was planned and is being executed as we speak, by the global banking elite, the same people who own all multinational corporations. It is the bankers and their rich friends, such as George Soros, Bill Gates Oprah Winfrey, Michael Bloomberg, and others, who finance ‘progressive’ projects aligned with cultural Marxism.

Globalism is a scheme, an organized scheme, a project of global domination.

The concept of globalism differs from globalization – the latter is related to economics, though globalization is the vehicle through which globalists intended to take over national governments.

Globalization is sold as a voluntary, spontaneous order, but in reality, it is a series of coordinated actions, by supranational organizations and multinational corporations who work with political accomplices in national governments to bring about the end of national sovereignty via trade agreements, the elimination of borders and the acceptance of mass migration into developed and developing nations.

Gender ideology

A stream of pseudoscientific gender studies that began in the 1960s and 1970s in the United States and Europe – theorized that there was a difference between biological sex and gender.

For this academic school, being a man or a woman depends not only on genitalia or chromosomes but on cultural and behavioral patterns. Such standards, according to area theorists, are acquired in life in society.

Conservative scholars, however, believe that the findings of the gender studies did not achieve validation of the exact and biological sciences.

For them, therefore, the stream of studies on the genre could not even be called “theory” because they lack scientific rigor. Thus, we speak of “gender ideology” as a set of ideas that argues that it is up to each person to define himself or herself as a man or a woman.

Have you heard anything more unscientific?

This kind of belief is what accepts that people can define themselves not only as men or women but also as rabbits, people of different ethnicities and so on.

In the words of some conservative politicians, gender ideology is promoted by a group of thinkers who came to the conclusion that the child is born neutral, grows up neutral, and then decides what he or she wants to be. That is simply unscientific, devoid of all reason and evidence. In other words, gender ideology is insane.

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Cultural Marxism

Cultural Marxism is the revolutionary current that seeks to transform society and the dismantling of the ‘capitalist’ West by the change of cultural values. But what does “Marxism” mean?

Marxism supports the idea that the working class must take the means of production in a given country. Thus, the workers would take control of the state and start a society without classes.

While classical Marxism, the one thought out by Karl Marx deals primarily with economics, currents of post-World War II have come to defend cultural Marxism, that is breaking society apart in order to install a new kind of ‘culture’.

Political correctness

Political Correctness is a manipulative tool for centralizing power. Charlton Heston once said that political correctness is tyranny with manners, and he was right.

Mass ignorance is key in bringing about the type of society we live in and the kind of environment the Elite has planned for us all. She says that the very human fear of being rejected is one of the pillars of the current move to divide social groups that would otherwise make strong links among individuals.

Language manipulation through the imposition of a veil of semantic fog has become a powerful tool in turning individuals into self-censoring, mindless and easily controllable beings.

The effective capture of society is done via the most important communication outlets, including the media, Hollywood, pop culture, academia, religion, and more recently, the family.

The agenda intends to centralize power and control is brought upon society in disguise, hidden behind messages of fairness, equality and anyone who dares speak their mind against the brainwashing movement is immediately accused of driving homophobic speech, racism, anti-semitism, of being a womanizer, a holocaust denier, a ‘flat-earther’ and so on.

Politically correct language is that which has been sanitized. Phrases, words, and expressions previously common in society can no longer be used in a political and organized context.

According to the current crises of the politically correct, censorship and public disapproval of such expressions tend to destroy values of Western society, such as nation, family, and religiosity. Here is the plan laid out by a former feminist who used to push this kind of censorship while she worked at the CIA.

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Socialism is the “set of doctrines and political movements aimed ONLY at the interests of workers, aiming at a society where there is no private ownership of the means of production.

In socialism, the state – not the market – defines the direction of the economy from plans drawn up by the government itself. The state controls the means of production and acts in an intermediary process to lead to a society without classes.

Examples of modern socialism include Venezuela, Cuba and up until 2018, Brazil. During his inauguration, Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro, said in that the Brazilian people began to free themselves from socialism. He also mentioned the end of “state gigantism,” a term related to the idea of socialism as a great state control in the economic area.

Ideological bias

Bias means “distortion or tortuosity in the way of observing, judging or acting”. Ideology means “a set of philosophical, social, and political ideas, convictions and principles that characterize the thought of an individual, group, movement, epoch, society.”

Bolsonaro said in his inauguration speech that he would create a virtuous cycle in the economy to stimulate growth “without ideological bias.” He also said in the parliament that he would withdraw the “ideological bias of our international relations.”

When applying no ideological bias in government or politics, it is understood that that government will execute its duties without the influence of any ideology. Instead, it will work for the betterment of the country without following conservative or liberal bias.

That is the kind of work Donald Trump has been doing since he took office in 2016 and that is exactly what globalists do not like about him. It explains why the global media hits Trump on a daily basis. It is why ‘experts’ and opinion makers mainly on the Left of the political spectrum call him a racist, homophobe, womanizer and so on. In reality, the media has become a mob, procuring group-think who are polluted by ideological bias.

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In the international arena, for example, combating ideological bias would mean prioritizing bilateral or trilateral agreements with other countries as supposed to going through and seeking the approval of international organizations such as the UN, WTO, WHO, NATO and others.

In sum, the political and ideological battle being fought today in the western world is for conserving national, independent states vs giving way to a global government led by supranational organizations.

The battle is for or against a project of global domination, for or against unscientific gender ideology, for or against cultural Marxism and political correctness, for or against Socialism, for or against ideological bias.

The question is whether western society will understand what is at stake in this battle and if its members will have the courage to fight for nationalism, science, reason, political incorrectness, true capitalism, and unbiased news and information.

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