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Hillary suffers from Dementia, frequent seizures, documents show 

Hillary Clinton

Documents allegedly obtained or leaked from Mount Kisco Medical Group of New York and published on GuerrillaNews, are the latest piece of evidence that Democratic Presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton is indeed unfit to be President of the United States.

According to the papers, after conducting a medical examination on Clinton, Dr. Lisa R. Bardack, concluded that the candidate showed signs of “Subcortical Vascular Dementia”. In addition, Dr. Bardack also concluded that Clinton suffers from “complex partial seizures”.

Subcortical vascular dementia  is a consequence of microscopic damage to parts of the brain, which end up thickening and/or narrowing arteries and/or veins whose function is to supply blood to certain areas of the brain.

Photo: GuerrillaNews

Photo: GuerrillaNews

The medical examination states that the results of the tests performed on Clinton show that her state has worsened since her last visit in 2013.

“The patient scored significantly lower on today’s tests than when we tested in 2013,” reads the document. “The patient is also showing signs of having more frequent complex partial seizures,” it continues.

At the end of the document, Dr. Bardack explains that she spent time talking to Clinton about increasing the dose of her prescription drugs and that a new MRI would be requested to assess the progression of her illness.

“I discussed with the patient at length about the alternatives and we elected to maintain her on her prescription medications,” says Bardack. She explains that Mrs. Clinton also agreed to increase the dose of her seizure medication.

Dr. Bardack explains that both medical conditions were diagnosed back in 2013 after conducting routine tests on Clinton.

Hillary Clinton’s health has been in the news recently. Her mental state has been brought up for discussion by conservative media outlets and even by Republican Presidential candidate, Donald J. Trump.

Some videos and photos have shown Clinton struggling to so simple things such as finishing her speeches, answering journalists questions and climbing stairs.

The question now is, why would the Democratic Party elect a candidate that is seriously ill and who may not be fit to occupy the White House or any other position for that matter? What is their plan B, if Clinton needs to leave office all of a sudden? Can her choice for vice president handle of highest office in the land?

Clinton and the Democratic Party will have a lot explaining to do now that part of her medical records have come to light.

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