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Hillary is not Sorry and People don’t believe Her 

“It was a mistake. I’m sorry. I accept full responsibility,” said Clinton on a television interview. Unfortunately, her apology is too little and comes too late.

Clinton has said the words which she hopes perhaps clear the way for her embarassing presidential candidacy.

“I’m sorry”, said the former Secretary of State regarding the use of a private server for her emails, which was housed at her home in Chappaqua, New York, during her time as head of the State Department.

“It was a mistake,” Clinton concluded during an ABC interview on Tuesday night.

To date, Clinton, who used to be the favorite for the Democratic nomination, had avoided uttering a direct apology.

“Without a doubt I would have made a different decision,” Clinton said last week during an interview with NBC, in which she said that the controversy had made people feel confused.

“I feel this case of the emails has raised many questions, but no answers to all questions,” she said on Friday in another TV interview. “I take responsibility.”

But her supposedly sincere apologies come only a day after the former senator told The Associated Press that she did not need to apologize because what she did was permissible.

According to her, when she abandoned the official email address, ending in @ state.gov, to use a personal account connected to a server installed in her residence in upstate New York, she did it convinced that she would not violate any laws.

Clinton was convinced about something else. As polls show, the matter of the emails was and still is weighing on her popularity in the race for the Democratic nomination in 2016. The weight was so heavy, that several of her advisers recommended that she issued a public apology in clearer terms.

Apologies not accepted

Clinton’s public apology does not seem to have had any positive effect, at least not immediately. Most polls still show a trend that has been growing steadily since she announced her candidacy. More and more voters dislike and distrust Clinton.

While in some polls Clinton appears to be on top of other candidates, in other polls she appears to be behind in key states around the country. In battleground states, Clinton is second to socialist candidate, Bernie Sanders and to the leading Republican candidate, Donald Trump.

Not surprisingly, most voters see Clinton as a dishonest person that lacks sincerity and transparency. Some of the most common adjectives used by voters, when asked to describe Clinton include liar, dishonest, elitist, untrustworthy and criminal.

As of today, Clinton’s biggest challenge is not competing with Bernie Sanders or responding to Donald Trumps policy statements, but convincing voters that she is being completely open about her involvement in the email issue.

Hillary will also have to explain her role in the Benghazi debacle. “Her sordid past perhaps caught up with her. Polls show Joe Biden is most favored against Republicans – maybe enough to convince him to declare his candidacy,” writes Stephen J. Lendman on his article titled “Rebooting Hillary”.

The mainstream presstitute media has wasted no time to aid the Clinton campaign launch a new, more human image that Clinton will use from now on. Apparently, Clinton has decided to reboot and reinvent herself as a “kinder, gentler” candidate.

“She’ll find it hard to erase her sordid past or change her image in voter minds once fixed,” explains Lendman. “In a field of deplorable presidential aspirants without a worthy one in the bunch, she stands out as especially loathsome and dangerous – a war goddess most likely to confront Russia and perhaps China belligerently, a prescription for WW III. Smiles and feigned affability can’t disguise pure evil.”

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