For the past three decades Hillary Clinton has not accomplished anything to show her concern for people. She has nothing to show for except for political and personal scandals. However, the Democratic presidential nominee has now promised to govern with strong leadership, if elected US president next November.

Clinton has indeed made history in the past 12 months. She is the first woman to be nominated by any political party in the history of the United States while being wrapped around a number of unresolved scandals regarding national security, illegal wars and money laundering via her husband’s foundation. Democrats have overdone themselves.

Hillary Clinton accepted the nomination of the Democratic Party warning that the November elections represent “a turning point” in the history of the United States for the possibility that Republican candidate, Donald Trump, arrives at the White House.

The former Secretary of State, made a truckload of promises, including more jobs and higher wages, and insisted that she will provide a “strong leadership” in contrast to the temperament of men like Trump, “moved by fear and pride.”

Referring to the founding fathers and the nation’s motto, pluribus unum, -from many, one- Clinton, who has been instrumental in dividing the American people with her extreme feminist discourse, accused her Republican rival of using racism and bigotry to divide the country.

Clinton compared the current state of affairs with the initial moments of the American Revolution, that incidentally started in Philadelphia, the city known as the birthplace of democracy in the country. Hillary, following Barack Obama’s empty message of optimism, said she was clearly different to her rival because of his catastrophism.

Clinton’s speech was delivered in the midst of booing from Bernie Sanders’ supporters. According to reporters on the ground, many Sanders’ followers were kicked out of the convention and had their credentials removed so that the Clinton machine could fill their seats with fake Hillary supporters in order to mask the clear division between those who wanted Sanders to be the person to run for the presidency and those who wanted Clinton to compete with Trump.

After the nomination of Donald Trump at the Republican convention in Cleveland, both parties have officially selected their candidate. It is an unusual campaign.

There is a businessman who never occupied public office and whose success has been obtained in real estate and other businesses. On the other hand, there is Clinton, the first woman to reach a major party nomination. Clinton is clearly the Establishment candidate who has been in public office for over two decades.

Clinton has spent nearly four decades in politics or in its surroundings. Her unpopularity rates are high, only surpassed, among the major political figures by Trump himself. Her dubious past has awarded Donald Trump a lead of between 2 and 7.8 points in the last polls. One of those polls was scientifically conducted and is precisely the one that gives Trump the largest advantage over Clinton.

Meanwhile, Clinton, as the keynote speakers at the four-day Democratic Convention in Philadelphia, described the presidential election of November 8 as an existential choice.

On the one hand, a candidate, Trump, that promotes confrontation inside the country, Clinton claimed, away from the democrat and republican traditions in foreign policy. The other, Clinton, who will supposedly maintain the global hegemony of the country and work for social cohesion at home.

“Does Donald Trump have the temperament to be commander in chief?,” she asked. “Can you imagine him in the Oval Office facing a real crisis”. Clinton then cited Jackie Kennedy, who recounted that her husband, President John F. Kennedy, said that what concerned him the most during the missile crisis in Cuba “were not great men with self-restraint and caution, but young men who acted out of fear and pride. ”

In response to the alleged apocalyptic rhetoric of Trump, and evoking Franklin Roosevelt, she said: “We are not afraid. We will be up to the challenge, as we have always been. ”

“My first task as president will be to create more opportunities and good jobs with better wages here in America,” she said. “Especially in places that, for too long, have been left out.”

Clinton’s message was prepared for Senator Bernie Sanders’ followers, and to try to appeal to the archetypal Trump supporter, the man in the white working class hit by gales of globalization.

Clinton also took advantage of her position to push her anti-Second Amendment agenda, reminding people of the terror attacks in the US and abroad, while attempting to disqualify Trump as inexperienced and unpredictable. “From Baghdad to Kabul, from Nice to Paris and Brussels, San Bernardino to Orlando, we face determined enemies who must be defeated. No wonder people are restless and look for someone to calm down, looking for a strong leadership,” Clinton said.

Progressivism in domestic politics and robust foreign policy tradition of the Democratic Party of Roosevelt and Truman is what Hillary Clinton sought to revive during her speech. Whether that will be enough for her to catch up with Trump in the polls and in voting intention, is something that will be determined in the next few weeks.

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