The government of Saudi Arabia is the enabler of genocidal aggression against 26 million Yemenis.

A globalist dictate says that it is easier to control millions of people than to kill millions of people, but sometimes it seems that powerful interests believe that killing hundreds of thousands is still profitable enough and convenient enough, especially when the people being murdered are hopeless and can’t defend themselves.

Modern carnage is happening right before our own eyes. The Saudi coalition air strikes shed bombs that weigh nearly a ton over urban areas in Yemen where families suffer the bombing of their homes.

Today, Amnesty International (AI) reports that the aerial bombings in Saudi Arabia in Yemen is as indiscriminate on civilians as those launched by western coalition forces or Israeli military forces over Gaza.

The terms used by the rapporteur, Donatella Rovera, are common in humanitarian and human rights organizations, accusing Saudi Arabia indirectly but clearly: “There are signs that the military coalition led by Saudi Arabia has done nothing to prevent these violations.”

When she talks about violations, Rovera refers to “a pattern of attacks that destroys civilian homes and causes deaths and injuries among civilians in large numbers”.

Amnesty International has investigated eight air attacks that took place last June in different parts of the country that killed 54 civilians.

Among those killed there were 27 children, including a newborn, 16 women and 11 men. Besides the deaths, there were another 55 people wounded which included 19 children, 19 women and 17 men.

In one of the bombings in the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, on June 13, a bomb of 900 kilos “pulverized” the home of a nephew of former presidents Ali Saleh. The Saudi attackers killed an 11 year old boy, his cousin 10, two of his sisters and another brother. Five more people were wounded.

Amnesty International was able to identify the characteristics of the bomb fragments. According to the account, there were three bombings in the same place in less than ten minutes. Most of the residents were able to escape, but not those from the Al Amiri family.

Another attack targeted the home of another cousin of former President Saleh, while no one was in, but it did reach the hosue of a neighboring family. The bomb killed five people and wounded 18 others. A 12 year old girl suffered third-degree burns and wounds produced by shrapnel all over her body and a deep cut on her face.

Saudi Arabia announced that it had killed the cousin of Al Saleh, which was not true, says AI.

The rest of the report is just as shocking.

Yemen is a proxy western war

But Saudi Arabia’s war against Yemen is not their war. As Stephen Lendman rightly points out, Yemen is Obama’s war.

[quote style=”1″]Yemen is Obama’s war – premeditated genocidal aggression against 26 million Yemenis using Saudi-led terror bombing and suffocating blockade to his dirty work.

The entire population is at risk. Official death and injury reports way understate reality. Casualties mount daily. Millions don’t have enough food to eat. They can’t get medical treatment for injuries and illnesses.

Yemen is being systematically destroyed – raped the way America treats one country after another in lunatic pursuit of unchallenged global dominance. [/quote]

If you have never witnessed ethnic cleansing, Yemen presentes a good opportunity to learn what war is all about. The war in Yemen is not only about the bombs that are falling on a daily basis over innocent civilians, it is also about starvation, lack of clean war, mass migration, and environmental destruction.

Yemenis are now being exterminated by a western backed forced that justifies their holocaust with the old strategy of “humanitarian war”, the one that according to América is necessary before establishing western-style democracy.

The abuses committed by the Saudi murderers are also documented by Human Rights Watch, whose representatives were in Yemen to verify the magnitude of the attacks.

According to HRW, satellite imagery shows that some 200 diferent places were bombed by the Saudis. The bombs impacted hundreds of buildings while other attacks destroyed at least six homes in densely populated urban areas.

yemen0615_overviewmap-01“One of the places hardest hit has been Saada City, a Houthi stronghold in northern Yemen that is normally home to about 50,000 people. The Saudi Arabia-led coalition has extensively bombed Saada City,” explains HRW.

HRW explains that according to laws of war being considered in Yemen, civilians and their homes may not be deliberately targeted. The rules read that “attacks that fail to discriminate between civilians and combatants or that cause civilian harm disproportionate to the expected military gain of an attack are prohibited.”

Both the Saudis and their allies must take precautionary measures to avoid or at least minimize loss of life, yet, the opposite has been documented by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International.

HRW points out that according to coalition forces “the entire city of Saada is a military target.” Such determination by the aggressors directly violates the laws-of-war and the prohibition against making threats of violence with the intent to instigate terror on civilians.

Yemen is indeed a fast growing humanitarian crisis that will threaten the stability of the northern part of the África and that will spread to the Middle East in the near future. “Saudi terror bombing, displacement and inadequate or no aid compromises their ability [ the Yemenis] to survive,” says Lendman.

“It bears repeating. Western leaders able to intervene responsibly are doing nothing to stop a deepening holocaust affecting millions of Yemenis. They continue suffering largely out of sight and mind.”

The plan is to kill as many people as possible to aid the global depopulation policy by using the western-created ISIS threat to justify the invasion and destruction of countries that, in the plans of the globalists, need to be absorbed into their portfolio.

Stay tuned. Syria and Iran are next.

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