Hunger, famine, natural disasters and war are some of the most common threats cited by people when asked about triggers that may unleash a planetary disaster. But the truth is that none of those threats could end humanity as we know it. At least not single-handedly.

The more I talk to people the more convinced I am that humanity’s greatest threat is being under the control of a homicidal, psychopathic minority whose interests and the means used to achieve them could be life ending indeed.

For many people who live under the tyranny of the minority, which is most of us, there is little hope and a null desire to live. They distract themselves with television, sports, political spectacles and poison themselves from the inside out by using toxic products, ingesting poisoned food, drinking contaminated water, and living in highly polluted urban centers.

Humanity as a whole has allowed unlimited wars to take place and has accepted illegal military interventions as the only solution to seek and maintain peace. People in governments have made it normal to let people go hungry and to pollute the planet if it advances their causes.

Those who control humanity have shaped the past, the present and are now modeling the future to their advantage. They have created technologies that, if used properly, could propel us all into space and beyond, but instead they refuse to share that knowledge with everyone else.

This breakaway civilization, as it is often called, are responsible for the imperfect present and the dark future that awaits anyone who is not in their pocket. Therein lies the sentiment of fear and desire to depart from this life, which many people evidence today.

The feeling that the apocalypse, whatever that is, is near and that there is nothing we can do to stop it, is the bedrock where the controllers have built their invisible empire.

While the breakaway civilization advances towards the future and talk to us about the expansion of consciousness via artificial intelligence and transhumanism, the truth is that, if they have their way, humanity will be absent from the future.

I kid you not. There are real existential threats against humanity, life in general and the planet as a whole, but they are not things life meteorites, comets, earthquakes or tsunamis. But even if these naturally occurring disasters were existential threats, there is little we could do to prevent them.

The real threats to humanity, life in general and the planet itself are all man-made.

Let’s take for example nuclear war. There are more than enough nuclear devices on this planet to destroy Earth many times over. The problem with nuclear weapons is that they are all in the hands of psychopaths, whose hubris and hatred toward humanity may be enough to detonate one or several nuclear devices that will end with life as we know it.

Any small nuclear conflict between two or more nations would potentially kill anywhere between hundreds of millions and billions of people in one single shot. The rest of the world would probably die due to nuclear winters and lack of food. Only the elite in their bunkers would be able to survive to a catastrophe of that magnitude.

Another threat that is often overlooked and that only makes news when a new ‘disease’ appears, is terrorism via bioengineering. As I mentioned before, the elite has developed technological means to create, manipulate and weaponize all kinds of pathogens.

Scientists working for the psychopaths have developed the capacity to engineer diseases and to weaponize naturally occurring viruses and bacteria that turn any pandemic into a much more serious event. We have seen this take place at least three times in the last few years with the H1N1, Ebola, and now with the Zika virus, which has been deemed to be a bioweapon.

Although most genetically engineered weapons have been created to target specific populations, there is no assurance that those behind those open air trials are not working on something more generic, that may threaten humanity as a whole. It has now been proven that diseases such as smallpox and bird flu has been manipulated to become more deadly.

In the case of Zika virus, the disease is patented by the Rockefeller Foundation and is sold online for just under 600 euros to anyone who wants to experiment with it. The chances of a bioweapon release occurring has risen over the years as even experimental viruses and bacteria are purposely put out by biotechnology companies in an attempt to test their deadly effect. Governments have also conducted open air experiments on their populations for decades.

Releases of bioweapons into the environment is followed by another threat that seems to be a little bit more distant, but that scientists such as Stephen Hawkins has warned about as a real threat to humanity. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is seen by the crowd that supports everything going autonomous as the best choice to fix a society that is imperfect due to its humanity. Yet, test after test shows that for now and even for the foreseeable future, nothing can beat a human being behind the controls of a car, a plane, a train and any other piece of equipment.

The main problem that AI fans still face is that AI is only as good as what it was programmed to do. So, if the human who programmed a drone, for example, encoded a plan to destroy, it will do nothing else than destroy. Is there any intelligence in that? Perhaps, people have confused autonomy with intelligence. But not even an autonomous machine that operates intelligently seems to be a solution to the ‘human imperfection’, because technology, as it has been shown with cars, computers and other devices, is easily hackable, making autonomy and AI fools of themselves.

Two other aspects that need to be considered when readying oneself to accept AI as the next best thing are human values and the potential for AI to effectively become out of control. Not all humans were created equal and the differences in values will undoubtedly affect what kind of work AI machines do and how they do it. Furthermore, there has not been any promoter of AI that has been able to demonstrate that machines will not be able to take control of their own destiny, which means that they would be competing against humanity as an equal for resources, space and superiority. I know, it sounds too far fetched, but have you heard about software that becomes very good at improving software? That is how AI evolves and it is certainly how it will be able to ‘think’ for itself.

Perhaps one of the biggest threats to humanity comes from places we cannot even see. In the last few decades, technology has given way to the production of devices that can only be studied and analyzed in a lab. I am talking about nanotech. Nanotechnology, as any other kind of technology, is not bad in itself. It is its use what makes it dangerous. If it falls in the wrong hands, and I am not talking about a faceless terrorist organization in the Middle East, but a western pharmaceutical company, for example, it can indeed turn into a serious threat to humanity and the rest of the planet.

I am also talking about out of control governments, which certainly see nanotechnology as a force multiplier. One example is chemtrails. Governments from around the planet have been spraying and indeed poisoning the environment with chemicals since the early 1960s. Lately, laboratory analysis conducted to discover the contents of the chemicals sprayed over the world have found non-naturally occurring materials as part of the chemicals that fall from airplanes. Water and soil samples have found materials that are not part of nature and that are collected in areas over which chemtrailing is a daily occurrence.

The hubris, bravado and arrogance with which a minority elite has managed the planet and the way they have engineered humanity to become self-hating, empty vessels that will open themselves to anything that temporarily fills their senseless existence is by far the greatest threat to humanity. The species has gone suicidal, homicidal and its future is unknown because the vast majority of people roam around without the slightest idea about who they are, where they are going and why they should live another day.

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