Israel attacks Syria as Washington’s ally aiming to destroy Syrian sovereignty, oust its democratically elected leader, install pro-Western puppet rule, partition the country, loot its resources, exploit its people and isolate Iran ahead of targeting its country the same way for the same purpose.

Since Obama launched war in March 2011, Israeli forces intermittently terror-bombed and shelled Syrian targets.

Netanyahu actively supports ISIS and other terrorist groups, supplying arms, munitions and medical treatment for its wounded fighters.

Syria never once attacked or threatened Israeli territory. On Sunday, an errant shell, perhaps fired by US/Israeli-supported terrorists, landed in illegally occupied Golan, causing no damage or injuries.

Israel used the incident as a pretext to attack Syrian army positions, causing “material damage,” according to Damascus – a war crime by any standard. Its regime remains unaccountable for decades of lawless behavior, including preemptive wars of aggression at its discretion.

Admitting the errant shell landed in Golan by mistake, an IDF statement said it holds Syria “responsible for (whatever) takes place in its territory and will not countenance any attempt to hinder the sovereignty of the state of Israel and the security of its residents” – code language for justifying naked aggression, so far limited and intermittent with the potential for something much more serious.

Syria’s military said “the Israeli enemy continues to support terrorist organizations by attacking Mashati Hadar area in the countryside of Quneitra province with two rockets fired from a reconnaissance aircraft, causing material damage.”

During a British delegation visit, including parliamentarians, religious and academic figures, Assad discussed how Western media act as imperial agents, supporting aggressive war instead of denouncing it.

He called extremism infesting Western and other societies today’s gravest danger, affecting the Middle East and beyond.

He urged visiting delegates to convey important truths at home to counter malicious anti-Syrian propaganda, including continuing mass slaughter and destruction harming the country’s long-suffering people – victims of imperial viciousness.

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