Israeli and its people certainly have a right to exist and to occupy a place on this planet, however, not in the way it has come about. The State of Israel was an imposition, not a right or a concession, given bypowerful elite members.

The occupation and construction of settlements by Israel is as illegal as the takeover of indigenous land by the government or a corporation to build an oil or gas pipeline.

People who believe that Israel’s occupation is righteous usually based their claim on religious beliefs and biblical writings and not much common sense, law, reason or evidence.

It is true that Jews who now live in Israel cannot simply be removed just as 30 million illegal aliens cannot be removed from the United States, however, further, unrestricted expansion of Israeli settlements only adds fuel to the fire of war between Palestine and the Israeli regime.

Much of the world is against the illegal Israeli settlements. It is likely that without the US’s support, Israel had not been able to expand the way it has over the years. It is also likely that without the US’s protection decades ago, Israel could have been attacked by hateful regimes in the region.

Today, Israel does not need the help of the United States to defend itself from anyone. The country is a nuclear state and it has enough resources to fight against any foe in the Middle East.

Being a nuclear State is what has emboldened the Israeli government to occupy even more Arab land without fear of negative reprecussions, but Israel’s desire to expand has also cost it a great deal of support around the world.

Never has Israel seen greater opposition to its expansive policies than in the last 8 years, mainly because of Barack Obama’s sort of refusal to support the Israeli regime as other American governments have done in the past.

Despite not being a full supporter of Israel himself – at least not as in the case of previous US presidents – Obama has obeyed the Israeli lobby and the country still gets billions in cash and weapons from the American government.

The latest blow to Israel’s expansionist policies came over Christmas, as the Unted Nations voted for a resolution that declares illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian land. Israel’s reaction did not take too long to be made public.

America’s Unprecedented Abstention

Opposition to Israeli settlements on Palestinian land is not new. Countries in Europe and other regions of the world had laready expressed the disatisfaction with the construction of new settlements. The fact that caught everyones attention was America’s move to abstain during the voting process at the United Nations.

In previous years, the United States showed its decisive support in favor of Israel, but such a support has not been the same during the two Obama administrations. A US veto would have killed the vote to declare Israeli settlements illegal, but the American representation simply abstained from voting.

In response, the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, launched an unprecedented crackdown on diplomatic retaliation to Israel’s setback on Friday at the UN.

The prime minister ordered his ministers that during the next four weeks and until the inauguration of Donald Trump as president of the United States, to avoid traveling to the 12 countries that voted in favor of the resolution of condemnation to the Jewish settlements, as well as meet with representatives of their respective governments, an Israeli diplomatic spokesman confirmed.

The countries indicated by Israel as non-friendly, given their vote against the settlements include Russia, France, United Kingdom, China, Japan, Egypt, Uruguay, Angola, Ukraine, Senegal and New Zealand.

Resolution 2334, which declares colonies in Palestinian territories illegal because they violate international law, received all votes in favor – including that of Spain, which presided over the session. In the meantime, the United States waived its right to exercise its veto power. .

After having frozen relations with New Zealand and Senegal for promoting the vote and withdrawing funding from five “hostile” UN bodies, the Israeli Foreign Ministry has called on the ambassadors of the countries that endorsed the resolution to express a formal protest.

The US ambassador, Dan Saphiro, was also convened by the Israeli government. he was personally received by the Prime Minister.

“Those who are against us will be defeated, for they will pay a diplomatic and economic price for their actions against Israel,” said Netanyahu, invoking the spirit of Judas Maccabeus.

The Israeli Prime Minister declared this Christmas day, at the beginning of the weekly session of the Council of Ministers, that the UN vote had been “biased and hostile,” and asserted that he had no doubt that the administration of President Barack Obama was behind the proposalyahu’s accussation is the first of its kind against a US government or an American president.

“As I said to Secretary of State John Kerry, friends do not submit their friends to the Security Council,” the Prime Minister said at the Cabinet meeting.

In addition to Spain, the ambassadors of Russia, China, France, United Kingdom, Japan, Ukraine, Egypt, Angola and Uruguay were summoned. Malaysia and Venezuela, which also promoted the resolution, do not maintain relations with Israel.

The call on Christmas day is unusual. “What would they have said if we had summoned one of us to the Israeli ambassador on Yom Kippur?,” a western diplomat told the Haaretz newspaper.

The Israeli Defense Minister, Avigdor Liebermann, has also ordered the suspension of political contacts of the Armed Forces with the Palestinian Authority following the adoption of the UN resolution.

The measure, which does not affect bilateral security cooperation, has little practical effect, since the Army does not maintain political ties with the Palestinian rulers and has been limited to managing, through its Office of Civil Affairs, the procedures affecting the population in the occupied territory of the West Bank.

The text ratified by the UN body declares that the colonies lack “legal validity” because they violate international law and that they reflect the external isolation by the drift of the Executive of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, considered the most right-wing in the history of the Jewish State.

Although not coercive, the agreement adopted at the United Nations may have legal consequences for Israel if the Palestinian authorities invoke it before the International Criminal Court in which case the Israeli regime may be tried for violating international law.

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