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Le Pen on her way to “liberate” France from Globalism 

Le Pen

Marie Le Pen is officially a contestant for the presidency of France. Le Pen, lived on Sunday the most important night of her political career. The leader of the National Front (FN) did not only get that much closer to moving into the Elysee, but she has also advanced the political project handed down to her by her father Jean-Marie Le Pen.

During almost all the electoral campaign, her passage to the second round was seen as a given, becoming the rival to beat by one of the other candidates. A defeat probably would have questioned her permanence at the head of the National Front.

The people’s candidate, as presented to her followers, after 9 pm local time, an hour after the closure of all polling stations, celebrated in her fief of Hénin-Beaumont a “historical result and the first stage to take the French people back to the Elysee,”se proclaimed.

Facing her second-round duel with Macron, whom he called “the heir of Hollande,” Le Pen appealed to “all the French patriots” to support her to achieve “a great alternation to liberate the French people” and promised to defend it against “rampant globalization” with her “France First” project. Her plan includes decreasing mass immigration by closing national borders.

Congregated in the François Mitterrand Center, a vestige of a socialist past, the National Front militants had waited for the results with increased tension during the afternoon.

When Le Pen’s pass to the second round was confirmed, the room burst into cheers, hymns and applause, but it was not the great party that Le Pen herself had wanted.

“I am quite happy that she has managed to make it to the second round, but also disappointed by the mobilization of the French patriots,” said Teo Lebland, a 21-year-old from one of the local constituencies.

Even so, the closing of ranks around Le Pen on Sunday was total. In the FN there is cohesion cohesion around the project of Marine Le Pen, including his father, although they have had a disagreement, he has said that he supports his daughter’s project. There is electoral cohesion even if there is a disagreement over ideas.

According to Jean Messiha, leader of the presidential program of Le Pen, the mere fact of being in the second round, something that did not happen in the first attempt, in 2012, is already a recognition to a long work of regeneration.

“The fact of being in the second round is a beautiful reward for this campaign that she has carried out for months, if not years, and today is the consecration of a work that has consisted of convincing citizens of the accuracy of our diagnosis and the relevance of our measures,” he said at Hénin-Beaumont.

I am sure that Jean-Luc Mélenchon and François Fillon would have wanted this victory,” said Hénin-Beaumont’s mayor, Steeve Briois, in reference to the other two leading candidates defeated on Sunday. “Marine Le Pen has progressed a lot since 2012, if that is not a good dynamic, I do not know what it is,” he insisted.

But his words did not just convey the security at the National Front, that saw how rival Macron began to receive support from the entire political sphere as soon as the results were known.

They say that if they add up the votes received by some of the “small candidates”, those who went to Jean Lasalle, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan or François Asselineau, more euphoric even than Le Pen, her strength will multiply. But no calculation predicts that it will be strong enough to defeat Macron, who now becomes the only obstacle against French nationalism.

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