Mainstream corporate media have been working for the political elite for decades.

No matter how honest many of the journalists, editors and other professional have been for years, the heads of all major media outlets work for the Establishment and no one else.

It is very hard to trust any news show today, especially when their talking heads have been lying to the public, intentionally or not, for such a long time.

The question now is what has prompted these talking heads to confess on live television that they have misinforming the public? Remorse, perhaps. Not likely. The lowest ratings in the history of the news industry? That is more likely.

The ongoing election cycle has topped all previous ones in revealing how the mainstream media, especially the left-wing media composed by MSNBC, CNN, ABC, and other prominent organizations, have consistently distracted and lied to the audience and to the readers in an effort to help elect Hillary Rodham Clinton.

While using labels such as racist, xenophobe, conspiracy theorist and other demeaning terms to battle a growing number of alternative media outlets, the corporate spinning machine complains about people who dare question their version of the issues and call on their audiences to avoid doing their own research, because only them – the media – hold the label of legitimacy.

In the latest example of media talking heads confessing their complicity with the Establishment, a group of MSNBC hosts had a roundtable about how the media, that is themselves, had unfairly covered the news stacking the decks against Donald Trump, while giving crooked Hillary a pass on all her scandals.

Here is the confession:

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