Fear-mongering and propaganda are key tools of the French establishment. Both François Hollande and Manuel Valls use their positions in the French government to scare the population into submission.

The French Prime Minister has warned that Europe will be the victim of terrorist attacks, “powerful” ones, and has called for a European plan to provide a “collective response” to this global threat.

France, marked by the terrorist attacks in Paris last November 13 has reaffirmed its intention to maintain the state of emergency through which its leaders strip the people of their constitutional rights under pretense that they are fighting against jihadism.

The hype is here to stay and the French people are as hopeless as the Americans or British. “We must fight it [terrorism] with the utmost determination,” added Valls in Germany, where he attended the Munich Security Conference.

Valls referred to possible terrorist actions last week when he said in Paris that the level of the terror threats is now higher that what it was before the November attack.

“We have entered a new era, characterized by the presence of pseudo-religious messianism and the use of mass terror,” he said at the summit in Munich.

Institutionalizing Tyranny

French politicians who are complicit in the current murder of thousands of innocent people in Syria, Libya, Afghanistan and other countries in the Middle East see no limit in their violations of citizens’ rights.

The French government has been a faithful pet of the American imperialistic race to turn the planet into a unitary world government.

The French armed forces have escorted American and other NATO partners’ murderous actions against men, women and children in developing countries.

France’s war games have prompted the most recent attacks on French soil which many experts believe are false-flag events carried out to justify extreme police state measures now being imposed on the citizens.

Previous to the attacks of November 13, France passed legislation equivalent to the American Patriot Act as well as a new law that made it legal for French intelligence to spy on every person’s emails, phone calls and internet activities in the name of fighting terrorism.

As we all know, those legislations did not prevent the alleged terror attacks.

Now, French politicians led by Prime Minister Manuel Valls are proposing to give the government, any government, the power to call for the stripping of people’s rights any time the bureaucracy decides it is time to do so.

After the attacks of November 13, the French Council of Ministers approved the draft to realize a constitutional reform to include in the Constitution a ‘state of emergency’, which the government will be able to enact any time it wants, and in doing so, it will be legalizing the holding of absolute power in the hands of the same corrupt politicians who are responsible for  the wars and the terror attacks.

It is, according to the Executive, to provide ‘greater legal basis’ and that it can avoid arbitrarily decree. That is because, politicians do not believe a decision is arbitrary as long as they are the ones making such a decision, no matter whether the decision violates civil and constitutional rights.

The reform also included a highly symbolic and controversial provision, withdrawing French nationality to people with dual nationality even if the individual was born in France.

“The terrorist threat has never been higher”, said the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, when he appeared before the media after the cabinet meeting.

Some 10,500 people have been placed on a blacklist in the country for their alleged, and for now unproven, relationship with radical Islam, a relationship that authorities cannot explain but that say that include different levels of involvement.

It is terrorist actions such as the ones seen in November that provide the right justification for governments such as the French to demand more power in exchange for security, and it is precisely the concession of extraordinary powers which turns democratic governments into tyrannical regimes. We have seen this pattern paly out over and over during history.

A Nation of Sheep

While the French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, labors strenuously to instigate fear among the French people, his president, François Hollande, goes out of his way to beg for more power for the State.

The fearmongering achieved its goal. The French National Assembly reached an agreement, almost unanimously, to extend the state of emergency until February 26 and expand police powers.

Six votes against and 551 in favor reflected the absence of debate in a society that has lost freedoms and whose people reject radical Islam, but accept radical government.

The feeling of insecurity drives extraordinary measures and that is why both Hollande and Valls have been playing the fear card all along since last Friday’s bomb attacks.

“It was an emergency procedure,” say those who are in favor of government radicalism.

“We will vote in favor. We need to move fast,” said the conservative MP Eric Ciotti.

“These must be exceptional, transitional measures. We will vote in favor although there will be three votes against our group,” said the environmentalist François de Rugy.

France is today another France; more fearful and more willing to surrender its freedoms.

“We face an enemy willing to use any failure of the state,” warned the centrist deputy Jean-Christophe Lagarde.

The Unlimited Power of the Fear Card

Citing no conclusive evidence, the French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, warned about the possibility that the country becomes a victim of a chemical or bacteriological attack.

“We can not exclude anything. I say this with precaution, but we are at risk of chemical and biological attacks,” Valls said at the start of a parliamentary debate which approved the new anti-terrorism measures.

Valls disturbing words are not a novelty.

The Government shuffled this possibility ahead of the Climate Summit and a day after attacks, the Health Department published a decree to authorize the purchase of a massive amount of pharmaceutical drugs that work as an antidote to some poisoning, especially against sarin gas.

In just one week, after the Paris attacks, France imposed strong limitations to freedom of speech, freedom of movement and has exponentially strengthened the power of the State.

Government officials have also demonstrated their disdain for the rule of law and by their actions have stated that they do not trust the French people to take care of their own security. Meanwhile, the French people have accepted the new limitations imposed by their leaders.

The new French nation governed by neocolonialist wolves has risen.

Installing tracking devices in cars, bugging of private places or, if deemed necessary, the entry into homes, are now allowed with an administrative authorization, without the intervention of judges.

The law, whose justification was “fears of new attacks in France”, legalized the access to private data by the secret services without the need to show proof of any person’s relation to a crime or even the intent to commit a crime.

For the government, it is a “necessary” law that protects individual rights. For specialists and citizens’ associations, it is a “liberticidal” law, that is supported by all main political forces.

The new law allows the French secret services to intercept communications, access networks and databases and to compel operators to provide the metadata of people in real time. Additionally, secret services may also access the contents of conversations or messages.

France has become the newest arm of the Specter network of global espionage.

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