We all know that news is not news but manipulated content that is adapted to fit into the propaganda programs of big corporations and governments. That content is then sold to the public as real news, although it is nothing else than fake news.

Traditional media, otherwise known as mainstream media, is just a filter between the elite and the people.

Media owners are corporations, banks and in some cases governments themselves.

Why then do people keep watching, tracking and misinformation themselves through corporate media?

There will never be an honest government unless the media, the fourth power, is disconnected from the interests of the elite and of governments.

It’s time to let go of the big news agencies, news networks and even affiliates to pay attention to news organizations that are not controlled by the elite.

We must support organizations and initiatives that promote information without corporate or government filters.

We need more media that present information with perspective, context, analysis, and that explain how and why an event is positive or negative for you, rather than saying it’s good or bad for everyone; or worse, that a thing is good or bad because an artist, politician or public figure likes it or supports it.

It is very clear that for many generations we have been domesticated and brainwashed to believe everything the media and the government said, but now, lack of information or lack of access to true information cannot be excuses to be uninformed or misinformed.

For decades, corporate media have issued false information and spoken half-truths that have helped governments and corporations to commit criminal acts never seen before.

For a long time, they deceived readers and viewers, but today being ignorant or letting anyone fool you is no longer a consequence of the lack of truthful information, but rather a choice of yours.

Do you like being cheated, misled and abused by the media and the government?

Continue watching CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, and reading The New York Times, The Washington Post, Huffington Post, USA Today, Associated Press, Reuters, Newsweek, TIME, BBC, and listening to fake patriots on talk radio.

If you want to break free from the physical and mental prison in which corporate media have caged you for decades, then educate yourself.

News media has not been about news for a long time, but about entertainment, distractions and false narratives. Its sole intention is to keep you in the reservation you’ve been living in your whole life.

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