The deaths of Israelis by Hamas or of Palestinians by Israel must be strongly rejected.

Three realities are true in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Firstly, people in Gaza are hostages of Hamas, a terrorist organization that uses Palestinians as shields to provoke anger in Israel. Secondly, Israel’s government is populated with genocidal leaders who do not care about killing Palestinians. Thirdly, Israel is an invading force, in the middle of an Arab population.

The two million inhabitants of Gaza and the hundreds of thousands of Israelis living within a 50 kilometer radius of the Palestinian strip are experiencing the most violent days after the devastating war in 2014 in the Palestinian enclave.

Since early Saturday, Hamas and Islamic Jihad have fired more than 650 shells, including rockets and mortar shells, at Israel, which have killed three people. Why? Only they know. Because they can?

The reprisals of the Jewish military aviation against more than 260 targets of the Palestinian militias in Gaza have claimed the lives of 16 people, including two pregnant women and a baby. Why does Israel bomb populated areas of the Gaza strip, where innocent people live? Because they can, too.

None of the opposing parties envisage a ceasefire, despite the alleged mediation of Egypt and the UN.

The Israeli Armed Forces deployed a brigade of tanks on the border and sent an artillery brigade and an infantry brigade in anticipation of a ground incursion into the enclave. Therein lies the difference between what Hamas, not Palestinians, can do and what Israel can do.

Israeli warplanes have attacked Hamas’ Interior Security Office, the nerve center of the movement in the Gaza Strip capital. Meanwhile, more than 200,000 students remain in their homes with closed schools and nurseries in the periphery of the Strip. They are victims of Hamas’ carelessness and of Israel’s brutality.

Cities such as Rishon Letzion, near Tel Aviv in the overpopulated central metropolitan area, opened bomb shelters to the public.

The Army says that 70% of the projectiles fired from Gaza have fallen in open fields and that more than a hundred of them are rockets that have been demolished by the interceptors of the anti-missile system known as the Iron Dome. Despite the fact that Hama’s rockets do little or no damage to Israel, its leaders respond with utmost brutality and savagery.

“We will continue to operate militarily,” said Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus, an international spokesman for the Israeli Armed Forces, announced at a telephone press conference.

Israeli military intelligence has blamed the death of Palestinians on the explosion of a Hamas rocket, “which fell where it should not,” said Conricus.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza reported that both had died as a result of injuries caused by shrapnel from an Israeli missile. The hospitals of the Strip have counted the death of a total of 16 people, seven civilians and nine militiamen or militants of Palestinian groups, since the early hours of Saturday, as well as more than 140 wounded.

Palestinian sources report the destruction of 60 houses, while another 540 have suffered damage in the bombings.

With the border crossings closed and amid the usual crossings of communiqués and denials, Israel registered in the early hours of Sunday for the first time in five years, the death of a Jewish civilian in a rocket attack from the Gaza Strip.

Moshe Agadi, 58, died as a result of injuries to his chest and abdomen from shrapnel from a projectile in an Ashkelon house.

Two other Israelis died in the same coastal city, located just three kilometers north of the Gazan border died when their vehicle was hit by a rocket.

Several people have suffered serious injuries and dozens have been treated in Israeli health centers for minor injuries or anxiety crises.

The intensity of Israel’s bombardment of the Palestinian enclave is unprecedented since last November when the army and Hamas militias bordered on war.

They include an Islamic Jihad attack tunnel dug under the border, two rocket launching platforms and several bases and weapons factories, as well as boats used by militants.

In an armament depot bombed on Sunday morning by Israeli aviation there were several members of the Islamic Jihad.

“Many of the targets had been hidden or camouflaged in densely populated civilian areas and in the homes of Hamas terrorists or in their immediate vicinity,” an Army statement said at noon.

One of the targets destroyed was an office building in Gaza, where Israel had located a Hamas military intelligence center and other Palestinian security facilities.

In the same building was also the headquarters of Anatolia, the state news agency of Turkey. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has condemned the attack, has called it “disproportionate”, and has called for international intervention to ease tension in the region.

“Turkey and the Anatolia agency will continue to inform the world about Israeli terrorism and the atrocities committed in Gaza and other parts of Palestine,” the president said.

The Israeli army has assured that the bombing of the office building was directed against a “legitimate military objective”, since it housed Palestinian militias.

Lieutenant Colonel Conricus also reported that several high-level Palestinian militia houses were attacked in Gaza – also as “legitimate military objective,” according to the military spokesman – since they coordinated operations against Israel.

One of those killed in the airstrikes this Sunday is Ahmed Judari, 34, whom the Israeli military intelligence considers responsible for channeling transfers of funds from Iran to the Gaza Strip. His vehicle received the direct impact of a missile while circulating in the center of the Gazan capital.

As the owner of an exchange house in the enclave, which had been singled out by Israel for its links with terrorist organizations, Judari allegedly handed over to the Ezedin militias al Qasam of Hamas and Brigades al Quds, the military wing of Islamic Jihad, large sums from the government of Tehran, according to a military statement.

“I have given instructions to the Armed Forces to continue the massive attacks against terrorist elements in the Gaza Strip, as well as to reinforce the units located around them with tanks, artillery and infantry,” announced on Sunday morning, Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, at the weekly government meeting in Jerusalem.

In the early afternoon, he convened the Security Cabinet, the body that has the authority to declare war. “Israel has no interest in launching a large-scale war campaign,” he said.

Israeli National Security Advisor Yacov Amidror blames Iran for instigating rocket attacks through Islamic Jihad.

“The Iranians are the main stakeholders in Israel launching a new military operation in Gaza to divert their attention to the military deployment they have in Syria,” he told the TPI news center.

“They thought he would not dare to trigger reprisals on the eve of Independence Day but they made a grave mistake.”

From Palestine, the president of the National Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, questioned “the silence of the international community”, which in his opinion encourages Israel “to continue committing more crimes against the Palestinian people”.

Jordan has called for the immediate cessation of Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip. “The violence will only cause more tension and suffering,” the Jordanian Foreign Ministry warned in a statement.

The mediation of Egypt and the UN does not seem to be paying off as the escalation of the war is triggered uncontrollably.

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