John Kerry Wants Hollywood Producing (Phony) US War on ISIS Films

Daily Variety/Hollywood Reporter David Robb’s book discussed Hollywood’s longstanding relationship with the Pentagon. Its complicity is notorious.

It began post-WW I, producing silent films. Franklin Roosevelt’s Office of War Information had enormous influence on Hollywood.

Administration censors controlled everything from scriptwriting to casting to production. Studio bosses were well compensated for collusion.

Robb said the only thing they like better than good films are good deals. They support Washington’s war machine. Most of all they prioritize profits.

A Pentagon Film Liaison Office overseas propaganda filmmaking, focusing on promoting US wars, reinventing history in the process.

Zero Dark Thirty chronicled the phony hunt for Osama bin Laden – a dead man from natural causes since December 2001, a grotesque, dishonest Hollywood-style fabrication portraying otherwise.

Argo was an award-winning film. It should have been exposed as trash, relating a little-known 1979/1980 Iranian hostage crisis episode.

Nonviolent Iranian youths took over Washington’s Tehran embassy – 53 Americans held captive unharmed for 444 days.

A generation of US-installed and supported despotic Reza Shah Pahlavi rule went unexplained, Washington’s man in Tehran.

Six Americans escaped the takeover. Former Canadian ambassador Ken Taylor sheltered them in his home. Highly critical of Argo, he said script writer Chris Terrio misportrayed events.

The film recounts their rescue. It downplays Canada’s role. Terrio took creative liberties. Scenes were fabricated. People were mischaracterized. Iran’s “more hospitable side” was omitted.

Argo is malicious, unjust, one-sided Hollywood propaganda at its worst, fomenting anti-Iranian hatred – stereotypically misportraying the Islamic Republic, supporting Western propaganda.

Students involved in the takeover were orderly, calm, nonviolent young men and women.

They believed America’s embassy was a den of spies, dedicated to overthrowing Iran’s government, a policy unchanged to this day.

Argo was political trash, US-approved Hollywood-style rubbish, ignoring what it should have featured – truth sacrificed, serving Washington’s propaganda machine.

John Kerry wants Hollywood producing phony US war on ISIS films, turning truth on its head, reinventing history, suppressing information about America’s support for the scourge it created, used as imperial foot soldiers.

Expect movie moguls to step up to the plate and oblige like always, filmmaking today far more sophisticated than during its early days, able to turn a diabolical sow’s ear into a glorified silk purse or the reverse, the public none the wiser.

In mid-February, Kerry met with heads of 13 Hollywood studios, including Disney, Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox, Dreamworks, and Universal, urging them to produce phony US war on ISIS films.

Expect lots of big screen propaganda coming, followed by cable television featuring it – Americans duped to believe Washington opposes the scourge it actively supports.

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