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Nicolas Maduro threatens opposition with a Purge worse than in Turkey 


The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, has vowed that if the Venezuelan opposition dares cross “the limits of a coup”, the power of the State will launch a counteroffensive organized that will make the Turkish purge launched by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, like a “walk in the park”.

“You saw what happened in Turkey? Erdorgan’s purge is going to look like walk in the park, compared to the Bolivarian revolution if the right crosses the boundary of a coup,” said Maduro during the televised broadcast of the opening ceremony of the “Industrial Motor” of the government’s 15-point program for economic recovery.

Maduro was referring to the fierce purge the regime of Ankara carried out in all branches of government and national life after the failed alleged military coup last July 15.

Maduro, beset by an acute economic crisis and a drop in popularity that have taken his job approval to minimum levels -around 20%- faces the challenge of opposition demands to hold a recall referendum on his presidency this year.

The Caracas regime has used its control of the electoral body to delay the process of convening the consultation. Therefore, the opposition group, the Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD) is calling for the takeover of Caracas on 1 September that the Secretary-General of MUD himself, Jesus Torrealba, calls the largest demonstration in history that will show the size of the discomfort in the country and initiate the defeat of this regime.

Although rally organizers have stated that their goal is to pressure the electoral authorities to give the final date on which the opposition will collect 20% of the signatures of the standard required to call the referendum, the Government of Maduro insists that the hidden purpose of the event is to generate violence and thus precipitate a coup.

Maduro announced earlier last week that on September 1 his government will begin the “revolutionary counteroffensive by the people’s power” if the opposition comes to “warm up the streets” and scale the “unconventional warfare” that the Venezuelan government says is being a victim of. “It’s time to fight, it’s time to go against the zombies and pitiyanquis”, Maduro said.

Despite the overwhelming military jargon, Maduro ratified at the same event that all he wants is peace. “I want peace, I want prosperity and dialogue, and we will achieve,” he told an audience of officials and employees of state enterprises gathered in the southern state of Monagas, along the Orinoco River.

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