Nations must take care of their own refugee population before opening their borders to foreigners. 

Based on the U.S. Census Bureau’s estimates, some 43 million Americans lived in poverty  in 2016. About 14% in France live below the poverty line, according to numbers from 2016. Despite having economic growth, Germany´s poverty rate reached previously unseen levels of 15.7 percent of the population. In Canada, the 2016 census shows that at least 5 million Canadians live in poverty. According to, Italy has over 30% of people living below the poverty line while in Mexico the number reached 46%. In Costa Rica, over 21% are considered as living under the poverty line.

All countries, some more than others, have people living in misery, without access to clean drinking water, nutritious food and quality education, so this people must be taken care of first.

It is not the obligation of any country to take care of someone else´s problems. It is a government´s obligation to take care of its citizens.

Politicians who fail to take care of their own poor, and who instead promote mass immigration in the name of equality, solidarity or charity, should be condemned and removed from power permanently.

Immigration is great for any nation as long as it is allowed in an orderly and legal manner. Legal immigrants were, and in some cases still are, great for the countries they settle on. Out-of-control illegal immigration, on the other hand, never provided any kind of benefit to any society that accepted it or that allowed politicians to impose it.

There cannot be melting pots when societies are forced to accept someone else´s customs and traditions, because that means the disappearance of their own culture and traditions.

Most ilegal immigrants today do not invade another country to learn about its culture and adopt its customs and traditions. They cross borders illegally so that they can take advantage of their welfare systems.

Many of those ilegal immigrants refuse to become part of society. Instead they seek to impose their own rules. Drug cartels and gangs take advantage of open borders to send their soldiers in search of new markets for their drugs and crime.

Out-of-control mass immigration is part of a plan whose purpose is to collapse western society by forcing completely opposite social and religious values down people´s throats.

Collapsing western society used to be a secret plan put into place through foreign policy promoted by globalists whose ultimate goal is to conquer more power and resources into their hands in the same way they have been ruthlessly consolidating wealth in the last half century.

Fake liberals, uninformed and misinformed people erroneuously support mass ilegal immigration. Their minds have been heavily polluted by disinformation agents and lying mainstream media that push globalist agendas.

Opposition to mass ilegal immigration is publicly punished by its promoters.

Those who oppose opening their countries´s borders to ilegal immigrants are called racists, homophobes and xenophobes by the liberal media and their zombie viewers because there is no argument to support an open borders policy, so they attempt to control the public discourse by launching insults and placing labels on people´s backs.

Many lay people who cover themselves in liberal ideology, though well-intentioned, do not understand the globalist agenda. They use terms such as “social justice” to justify opening a country´s borders to anyone who wants to come in, yet they do not welcome any of these people into their homes.

So-called religious and political leaders, such as Pope Francis, talk about charity and solidarity with ilegal immigrants but he does not open the Vatican´s walls to house anyone. The same can be said of Manuel Macron and Angela Merkel.

The question is, of course, how many million Northern Africans or Latin Americans should a nation admit illegally?

How bad will western society have to get before people start demanding closed border policies and the enforcement of existing immigration laws?

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