The situation with Russia is going from bad to worse. The world seems to be picking a side for the rising conflict, and tensions are escalating.

France and Germany Join US and UK Accusing Russia of War Crimes

Okay, this one is  confusing me a little.

Moscow has vowed to continue the ceasefire they have imposed in Aleppo so more civilians can get out and humanitarian aid can get in. Yet there is no news of this in the MSM, just vague hints that it may occur.

What is being reported by the MSM is that more countries are joining in the calls for Vladimir Putin to face an international court for war crimes.

The call, led by UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and US Secretary of State John Kerry, is spreading in Europe. With France and Germany joining the call for war crimes prosecutions.

One must wonder if the UK’s recent move of freezing the bank account of the Russian news outlet RT is the first of several promised sanctions.

Here’s why I’m confused. Russia is saying the unilateral ceasefire will continue. Why the heck haven’t we said, “Great, We’ll join you”?

Maybe I’m missing something but if the West really wants this, if they really want the Aleppo bombings to stop, surely they should be stepping up to the plate and joining this impromptu cessation of hostilities. They should be rejoicing, not trying to tick off Vladimir Putin.

Here’s my take on it.

The ceasefire wasn’t decided at a meeting set up by Kerry and Co. The ceasefire is not at a time and date and place that suits them.

The ceasefire wasn’t their decision, despite the fact that they claim to the heavens that this is what they want, so they aren’t willing to support it.

Sadly the West, who supports some of the rebels, have not called off the dogs and one of the corridors cleared for civilians to leave has been shelled by terrorists, preventing their safe exit. 

A second corridor has been cleared and buses and ambulances are waiting to get civilians out of the besieged city.

Russia is actually taking the high road here, and the West is getting in the way. And this is about to cause an enormous problem for everyone.

Russian Ships Move South Heading Towards The English Channel

Russian ships that were conducting exercises off the Norwegian coast have moved south and are heading to the English Channel, a narrow body of water between the UK and mainland Europe.

The Royal Navy has vowed to “man-mark every step of the way” a Russian aircraft carrier and other warships heading to the English Channel.

Destroyer HMS Duncan has been deployed from Portsmouth to monitor the task group including the Admiral Kuznetsov.

The group, heading south from the Norwegian Sea towards the North Sea, has already been escorted by the frigate HMS Richmond between Iceland and Norway.

And the Navy destroyer HMS Dragon is also due to sail to meet two Russian corvettes travelling north towards the UK from the direction of Portugal.(source)

The English Channel joins the Solent at its southern end, and a small narrow channel between the two bodies of water is the home of H.M Naval Base Portsmouth, home to two-thirds of the British surface fleet.

The fact that this comes just after Russia stationed troops only 50 miles from the US border and officially pulled out of a deal with the United States to destroy enough weapons-grade plutonium to make 17,000 nuclear warheads.

Can it be any more clear that things with Russia are about to get real?

We’ll keep you posted on further developments.

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