Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

People around the world, especially so-called ‘liberals’ seem to have a very short memory about some of the darkest sins committed by transnational corporations, and they go as far as uniting with those sinful corporations to carry out marches and build up movements.

This joining and creating is of course a consequence of ignorance, because if people really knew who is behind some environmental and social campaigns, to cite two examples, perhaps they would not line up to donate their time and money to them.

The latest example of how people get hoodwinked by corporations and special interests is the infamous ‘People’s Climate March’ which is supposed to be a grassroots movement created to put some pressure on political leaders so they ‘act responsibly’ on the issue of climate change.

The trick is in the request to ‘act responsibly’.

Because so many people are clueless about climate change, they believe governments and politicians should bring about drastic changes that help us ‘save Earth’ from human abuse. But what if those corporations responsible for the destruction of our natural habitat are the ones co-opting the very same ‘grassroots’ movements that supposedly are out to defend humanity from oil spills, chemical leaks and nuclear accidents? Even worse, what if the fake social movements are created by those corporations?

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Although much of the changing climate is man-made, such change is not due to the reasons most people think. Climate change has been unnaturally provoked for a long time. Geo-engineering, the term associated with the artificial modification of weather patterns, has been going on for decades.

Secret research and black projects used and continue to use weather as a weapon. This fact has been exposed by insiders and researchers alike. Yet, it remains in the shadows for those who seek to explain phenomena such as California’s extreme drought, for example.

While most people get distracted by fake environmentalism, the real efforts to expose real man-made climate change continues to be ignored.

Films such as “What in the World are They Spraying?” and its sequel, “Why in the World are They Spraying?” do a great job exposing weather modification as it has been carried out for decades, while academics and the clueless public are still discussing whether it is a good idea to spray chemicals over our heads to solve a problem that does not exist, while corporations decimate the planet from all its resources to feed and growing thirst for junk.

Threatening climate change is a hoax because scientific data does not support the dooms day predictions made by mainstream scientists. Below is a simple explanation so that anyone can understand it.

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As Piers Corbyn says, “evidence is the only thing that counts“. That is why leading scientific institutions are so discredited, because they no longer operate on science and evidence, but on policy and politics.

Goldman Sachs, the United Nations, HP, Bill Gates and others who are supporting the People’s Climate March Hoax and pushing for action on climate change, are not really interested in helping to save us from ourselves. They are interested in two things: depopulating the Earth and consolidating control of Earth’s resources.

Are you in favor of more financial and political consolidation in the hands of the transnational corporations that are destroying the planet?

The hysteria about climate change is nothing more than a convenient lie.

Climate alarmists in government, corporations and at the local level want to make people believe that most folks are hysterical about government not doing anything about climate change. That is the starting point for movements such as the Climate March, which is corporate-sponsored. They expect people who are not buying the propaganda to join in if they are scared enough or motivated enough when they see people marching on the street.

They use the alleged hysteria of bureaucrats and regular Joe’s to pull the undecided ones to their camp.

There is no generalized hysteria, but localized desperation which the elite intends to use as the bait to bring the uninformed to their camp. It is this supposed hysteria, which is usually illustrated with mind control propaganda what is used to ask people to support major deindustrialization and to call for the end of fossil fuels without having anything to substitute it.

Fortunately, people are becoming more aware about the true intentions of those who want to use the label ‘climate change’ to generate fear as well as their attempt to use non-existent hysteria to attract more supporters to their camp.

  1. Luis,
    There is a major logical disconnect in this story. You end the article with this statement, “The hysteria about climate change is nothing more than a convenient lie.” A poorly written sentence that could confuse. Is the ‘hysteria’ the lie or ‘climate change’? I’m assuming that you are averring that climate change is the lie.

    The problem is: if climate change is a lie, why would anyone have been using ‘geoengineering’ for that last four decades? As a military weapon it has failed to perform. No, these people KNOW that we humans are altering the planet’s climate by burning fossil fuels and they, because it’s so profitable, wish only to keep things as they are.

    Attempting to control the global population with ‘chemtrails’ is risky at beat and really stupid as it could kill the ‘wrong’ people.

    Climate Change is real, it’s far more threatening than 99.9% of the population realizes and articles like this one only muddy the already dirty water that surrounds the issue.

  2. This is another typical climate denial story, poorly reported, emotional, not backed up with facts or science. It’s one of a dozen or so of the “arguments” used by the Right, fueled by the oil and gas industry, to keep the fossil fuels burning. Shame on you. By the way, that “fool me once,” quote was most recently made famous by the king of fools, George W. Bush. Says volumes about the writer’s sensibility.

  3. Only George W Bush wasn’t smart enough to use the quote correctly. After all we know about government covert operations, experimentation on the public, and all the many things they hide for reasons of “national security”, why is it so hard to believe “climate change” to be one of the biggest hoaxes so far? Pay attention to your skies and the weather patterns across the globe. Take a peek at official documentation readily available. Do your homework before accepting the status quo on geo-engineering.

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