It’s not the flag, it’s what it represents. It’s not the national anthem, it’s what it represents. It’s not the country, it’s what it represents. It’s not you, it’s what you represent.

Arrogance is nothing else than proudness of one’s insufficiencies. An arrogant individual is one who clings to things that do not exist or that ceased to exist.

The opposite of an arrogant individual is someone who seeks to do something exceptionally. It is the desire to become exceptional, perfect, what makes people believe in something greater, is perfection personified.

No human being will ever reach perfection and all individuals know it, consciously or unconsciously. Once an individual understands it, there is a fork on the road. One way, the difficult one, will take that individual into struggle, hardship and, ultimately, success, satisfaction, and realization.

Hard work, effort, and discipline are the three fundamentals of any process that seeks a meaningful outcome. There is no other way to succeed.

The other way is the emergency exit, which most people take because they do not want or don’t know how to handle struggle, hardship and much less put hard work, effort, and discipline into their lives.

Individuals are all born ordinary and become extraordinary only if they work hard, to achieve what they believe is worth their time and effort. Often times, that outcome that individuals think is worthwhile changes over time and the goal post is moved to further distances until a new level of fulfillment is reached.

As F.A. Hayek explains, “Man did not simply impose upon the world a pattern created by his mind. His mind is itself a system that constantly changes as a result of his endeavor to adapt himself to his surroundings. It would be an error to believe that, to achieve a higher civilization, we have merely to put into effect the ideas now guiding us.”

It is a combination of situations that take place in our lives and around it that we realize that despite being successful at something, or perhaps because of it, there comes a time when change is needed. Change is one of the few certain things in life. Change and physical death.

Psychiatrist Viktor Frankl said, “The struggle for existence is a struggle ‘for’ something; it is purposeful, and only in so being is it meaningful and able to bring meaning into life.” Frankl taught, “We must never be content with what has already been achieved. Life never ceases to put new questions to us, never permits us to come to rest.”

In his book The doctor and the Soul, Frankl writes: “The man who stands still is passed by; the man who is smugly contented loses himself. Neither in creating or experiencing may we rest content with achievement; every day, every hour makes new deeds necessary and new experiences possible.”

So, if life is an experience where change is constant, why does society ask teens to make up their minds about what they want to do and who they want to be for the rest of their time on planet earth? Isn’t that too much to ask when not even grown adults have the ability to do so? Today, changing careers or partners is still seen by many as a sign of failure by that who decided to take a different road towards fulfillment.

Change cannot be taken lightly though. What if that change turns out to be negative? What if along the way, the challenges are too great to handle? What if the emergency exit seems too convenient and you decide to take it?

Is this the moment when the search for perfection is over?

For many individuals, it will be over the moment they go through that emergency exit. They will become resentful, hateful of themselves and not having enough room in the minds and hearts to keep all that resentment and hatred, they begin to reflect them onto others.

How can a bad day, a bad week or a bad month turn someone into a self-hating nihilist?

Hate and nihilism are not the first two feelings that result from failure. The individual is first taken over by humiliation and guilt. Later, these two feelings grow so large that they transform into hatred about himself. The same hatred then becomes uncontrollable and it is projected towards others. Who? All those who made it, who achieved success, fulfillment, and in the eyes of many, perfection.

The perfect life. That is what most individuals are after. Unfortunately, they do not know what that a perfect life requires. What the multitude sees is success after it has been achieved; that tip of the iceberg that “requires” idolatry from those who never made it big.

But even for those who never made it as they expected, the emergency exit comes accompanied with a prize, which in their eyes resembles the previously desired level of success. A lucky break, they call it. A temporary, quick and easy fix to skip some levels so that anyone can get that much closer to that slippery preferred outcome.

Unfortunately, the easy way out that was going to bring success does not work. There was no lucky break, no temporary solution, no fast lane to reach success, greatness or perfection. At this point, having no more options to choose from, the individual gives up and jumps into a toxic mental waste pool.

Don’t you dare tell them to go back to the difficult road, where they will find struggle and fulfillment? It is too late now. They are broken and mad. What follows is mental health problems, anxiety, depression; or worse, death.

In many cases, death is not a unique result for that who is broken, mad, anxious and depressed. Often, an individual with all these characteristics aims to take others with him, because his own death does not bring him peace.

Homicidal maniacs are born of situations like this. People who once were normal human beings become nihilists, operating with no rules and no limits. Having lost it all, there is no reason to be human any longer.

If you had a time machine to go back to the past and prevent someone from becoming a homicidal maniac, what would you do?

What if you were that homicidal maniac? Would you know how to address that breaking point so you didn’t take the emergency exit and the easy way out? How would you prevent and reduce suffering, so you didn’t become a being consumed by hatred towards you and others? How would you prevent yourself from going down the rabbit hole, never to come back?

Isn’t it worrisome to hear so many individuals talk about what is just and unjust? Who defines what is just and what isn’t? There is nothing random happening out there. Everything that happens to us is a result of our previous thoughts, actions or lack of them. Yet, many social justice warriors, to use a popular term, ignore that fact.

Only an insane, psychotic individual would think that life’s goodness and madness happen randomly and that they, unluckily, were chosen by the universe to suffer.

Are we supposed to understand and forgive the treacherous outcomes of their madness just because they believed in the wrong thing?

How many people who go through difficulty and hardship become homicidal maniacs? Thankfully, they are the exception. The large majority of those who struggle in life overcome what afflicts them and move on to succeed. They continue to be sane, mostly moral and sane people, even in the face of tragic failure.

How do they keep it together when other individuals cannot?


That seemingly ephemeral, imaginary entity or being who although having different names and meanings continue to successfully keep the shit from hitting the fan for most people, is nothing else than the unattainable level of perfection all individuals seek in their lives. It is that aspiration, which sometimes takes the form of fear or respect to the unknown what almost always keeps people from snapping and going the wrong way.

It doesn’t take an extraordinary human to stay away from uncontrollable levels of madness and hatred. Anyone, ordinary as it was born, can defy the odds and achieve success; and in times of failure, prevent himself and others from falling into the deep pit of immoral, insane, perdition.

It is a choice.

It is the choice between becoming resentful or remaining sane and getting back to business. It is a choice between avenging and destroying or getting up, dusting off and slapping adversity on the face until it falls to its death.

What is the single reason why an individual chooses the easy way out rather than the difficult one? What makes two ordinary individuals take two different ways?

The big difference is understanding RESPONSIBILITY, which is what most individuals lack today.

Lack of understanding about responsibility results in arrogance and proudness in one’s insufficiencies and in clinging to the non-existent or deceased. Instead of taking responsibility for his life, individuals who choose the easy way out, chooses to blame others for his shortcomings, when most of the time they are of his own making.

Rather than saving himself and others by taking responsibility, the individual who chooses the easy way out talks about injustice and points the finger at those whose lives are successful. According to him, everyone else’s success resulted in his shortcomings. He is just the victim.

We can see this behavior everywhere today. A large portion of the population believes they are entitled to everything that has been promised to them. It is only fair to take from others by force to fulfill their necessities, and failure to obtain that which they desire is a reason to cause mayhem.

All of a sudden, stealing from others is no longer considered a sin or a crime. Violating someone else’s rights is not criminal. It is fair because they feel that someone else violated theirs, and also because whatever comes from inflicting pain on someone else -those who in the eyes of the nihilistic achieved success- is theirs to keep.

They have lost their compass.

All an individual needs to remain sane is remembering about his humanity. His humanity will remind him of being decent, moral and heroic; if not for himself, then for others.

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