Humanitarian aid, according to international law, is by definition neutral and impartial. Its purpose is to save lives.

This was recalled by the vice secretary general of the United Nations, Amina Mohammed, former environment minister of Nigeria, during a meeting with journalists in Madrid on Tuesday.

“We are very clear on the principles of humanitarian aid, and in the case of Venezuela there is an attempt to politicize it”, she has responded on the hundreds of tons of food and medicines that the United States has sent to the border of Colombia to make it reach the Venezuelans and that was violently rejected last Sunday.

“What worries us is any loss of life or injuries,” he added.

The partisan use of that aid, however, “not necessarily” is being carried out by the two parties in conflict: the Executive of Nicolás Maduro and the opposition, led by Juan Guaidó. “There are complaints of both.

“It is up to each one to think that one is on the defensive and the other proclaims the freedom of its people and the need for humanitarian aid,” she said. 

In her opinion, such a need for assistance is real, but it has to be provided following the humanitarian principles.

“For this to be the case, the UN continues to work and in discussions with the Government of Venezuela to this day,” she confirmed.

“The important thing is that there are people at the table trying to open the roads so that people can receive the help they need.”

In addition to these negotiations to open humanitarian corridors that allow aid to reach the population in extreme situations, Mohammed recalled that the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, “has called on the parties to sit down at a negotiating table, for the good of the people.”

The people of Venezuela continue to suffer. She says she has hope to see some movement in that direction of the dialogue, although at the moment she observes with concern the deadlock in which they are.

On behalf of the United Nations Mohammed urges “all parties to try to find a peaceful resolution” and makes available to the team of the General Secretariat to facilitate that end.

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