Yesterday, Puigdemont responded to Rajoy’s threats with some threats of himself. In doing so, the Catalan politician demonstrated that he is no better than Rajoy.

Independence, self-determination and freedom are not bargaining chips for political agendas, they are rights that people have and that should never be used as conditionals to achieve goals or to challenge policy.

On October 1, Catalonia voted massively to become independent, yet, Catalan leaders are yet to officially vote in parliament an official declaration of independence.

Their failure to do so has conditioned the support of an important political group of allies to Catalan President Carles Puigdemont, who has been playing political games with Spain’s president, Mariano Rajoy and the oppressive regime in Madrid.

Yesterday, Puigdemont responded to Rajoy’s threats with some threats of himself. In doing so, the Catalan politician demonstrated that he is no better than Rajoy. He not only failed to direct parliament to vote on the official declaration of independence, but also uses the rights of the Catalan people to bargain, to threaten and to manipulate policy.

Undoubtedly, Puigdemont did not think hard enough before beginning the process of Catalan self-determination. Perhaps he is afraid of the consequences for him and his political allies should the oppressive regime from Madrid decide to apply article 155, which will literally remove all power from the Generalitat to transfer it to Madrid.

In a letter to Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, Puigdemont said that he would vote for Catalan independence if Madrid approved the application of article 155. Previously, Rajoy had threatened Puigdemont with applying article 155 if he declared independence.

It is all a political game, it seems; a power struggle for political gain, not for recovering and retaining freedom.

According to Albert Rivera, the President of Ciudadanos, a political party Spain, the country should not accept blackmailing. Rivera is a pawn of Madrid. He is an ally of Mariano Rajoy. He sees blackmailing as a bad thing when Puigdemont issues threats, but now when Rajoy does it. Nonetheless, regarding blackmailing, he is right. Issuing threats for political reasons is not acceptable; neither from Rajoy nor from Puigdemont.

“If the State Government persists in preventing dialogue and continues repression,” the Parliament “may proceed, if it deems it appropriate, to vote the formal declaration of independence that did not vote on the 10th,” said Puigdemont in his response to Rajoy’s request to reconsider independence. Today, the Spanish regime has issued a new message warning that the Government will vote on applying article 155 over the weekend.

According to the leader of Ciudadanos, who held a meeting with Rajoy on Moncloa on Wednesday, the government has to guarantee at the moment “the electoral horizon”. Rivera a politically failed leader who seeks acceptance within the Spanish political scenario by bending his knee to Rajoy and Madrid. He limits himself to repeat after Rajoy, to echoing what the repressive regime states.

“The people of Catalonia, decided to become independent on 1 October, in a referendum with the endorsement of a high percentage of voters. A percentage greater than that which has allowed the United Kingdom to start the Brexit process and with a greater number of Catalans than the Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia voted,” Puigdemont said in his letter.

The very facts he cites in his letter beg the question of why hasn’t Puigdemont and the Catalan Parliament, given the massive support provided by the Catalans, declared independence.

After receiving Puigdemont’s letter, Rajoy began the process to apply article 155 of the Constitution to “restore legality”. The Government in Madrid announced the initiative via a public letter in which the Spanish State explains that on Saturday the Spanish Cabinet will meet to send the petition to the Senate so that it can vote to apply article 155.

In Europe, Spain included, nationalism, self-determination and freedom to vote are all seen as threats and as poison buy the European elites to which Rajoy and most Spanish politicians belong.Today, nationalism is blamed for everything under the sky by globalists who occupy power positions in governments in Europe, America, Asia and Latin America. Integration, inclusion and equality have been used as excuses to carry out an agenda of massive concentration of power and wealth.

Scotland, England and now Catalonia successfully awakened the spirit of freedom and self-determination among their people, but their politicians managed to throw that success out the window by refusing to effectively apply the will of the people.

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