Trump made great strides with African Americans, gaining 13% of support, and with Hispanics, whose numbers also provided thousands of extra votes in traditionally Democrat cities.

In case anyone had doubts, Donald Trump is not the fruit of an outburst of rude and disaffected guys with the elites. Everything indicates that in this storm, his influence is not a transitory social disorder. Win or lose, an outcome which will end in litigation, Trump has shown that it was much more than a repudiation effect on Hillary Clinton in 2016.

His behavior at the polls on November 3 shows that his durability is based on enthusiastic support from broad swaths of voters in the United States.

From the polls at the exit of the electoral colleges, his followers indicated in a majority way that they came to vote for him in support of his management and not against Joe Biden.

They continue to buy that disruptive message from 2016 to drain up the Washington swamp after one single term in government.

Trump’s election in 2016 was much more than an accident in 2016.

This November 3 there was a record turnout; more than 160 million voters; the highest figure since 1900. The plandemic did not stop Trump’s voters from getting to voting sites.

The president won 3 million more votes than four years ago. This does not prevent him from continuing to queue in the popular vote, lagging almost three million ballots behind Biden.

Should Trump win, it would be the third time in two decades that the majority opinion has been frustrated by the electoral college, which favors less populated states.

Trump knows how to breathe energy into his people, beyond what we call his base.

Donald Trump will never really leave, even if he outright lost the election. Not on November 4, not on January 20, not when he dies, not in a hundred years.

It may well be what future generations will remember most of our era. Not only because of what he has achieved but also because of his own story, that of a man who challenged the status quo, the Deep State, the mainstream media, the democrats.

The loyalty of Trump’s voters overcomes all the lies from the major newspapers in the country in which he is accused of being corrupt, racist, misogynistic or a liar.

White men without studies in the rust belt and the rural world, the most faithful without a doubt in this new version of the Republican Party, know of these accusations and they know they are lies, and the numbers prove it.

Trump is a real political phenomenon that pollsters have failed to measure.

The different groups that support Trump represent giant granite blocks in their fervor for Trump. Although Michigan and Pennsylvania, two of the most important rust states, may end up in the hands of Biden, who has had somewhat more success with the uneducated than Clinton, this situation is attributed to greater support from women and whites with college degrees.

On a recent trip to rural America, one of the surprising things was to hear Trump talk with an admiration that in New York, his birthplace, sounds like a joke.

The one who in the metropolis of skyscrapers is a businessman, Trump is seen as an intelligent and generous billionaire, who donates his official salary to charity.


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