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The Collapse of Europe and the Western World 

Western powers are avid provocateurs of conflict, war and destabilization when they suit their interests. Interventionism has been its best ally when imperial forces put their eyes on any piece of land anywhere in the world. Crises are fabricated, instigated or inflamed with the sole purpose of bringing ‘order out chaos’.

The current crisis, however, is different. The ongoing migrant crisis of Syrian, Afghan and Libyan refugees, who have been driven out of their land through war, famine, and political oppression is sort of a final stage in the plan to collapse the western world.

Multiculturalism, the belief that humans can coexist anywhere, no matter how different, was captured a long time ago and has been used as a tool to radicalized population after population, to create infighting and to balkanize large groups of people by making them think that their neighbors have something that that belongs to them.

In Africa and the Middle East the policy of conquest has been radically different. Instead of feeding poisonous ideas into the minds of whole populations, the West has used war as the tool of choice to destroy complete societies.

The result of perpetual war was one and only one: People attempted to escape certain death. At first, victims of war decided to wait war out in their countries. After some time, thousands of people were driven out of their land obligated to seek asylum in neighboring countries. But western-instigated war grew so far out of control that not even a continent the size of Africa was large enough to escape civil and regional conflict.

Fast-forward to 2014-15 and now war refugees, millions of them, have left their countries as the West war mongers and their Arab allies bomb the life out of their birth places. As they escape death, migrants seek a better world, that world that others made possible. They want their piece of pie.

With more than 11 million displaced Syrians, seven million inside the country and four million outside its borders, plus the announcement by Germany that it will receive 800,000 refugees this year alone, the question that arises from the great European migration crisis is: do western Governments now understand that they have caused this massive wave of migrants?

The West is no longer the shiny, crystal perfect and unreachable Empire that everyone else used to see at a distance.

Today, neither Europe nor The United States have solutions for the wave of migrants. What is worse is that, despite knowing that their wars are the trigger of the current migration wave, they refuse to stop funding, arming and training terrorists in Africa and the Middle East.

The arrival of hundreds of thousands of migrants couldn’t have come at a worse time. There is the terrible disadvantage for migrants because they come to a civilized world that is facing its worst economic situation in a long time.

Even if the West as a whole agreed to take in millions of migrants, there is simply not enough cash to finance the largest increase in spending ever in the history of Europe. The answer to end the migrant crisis is to stop aiding terrorists and stop bombing North Africa and the Middle East.

As hundreds of thousands of migrants arrive in search for help, hunger, violence and despair, are devouring countries in Latin America and Eastern Europe. Europe is divided and scared by a phenomenon that does not understand and that is a clear example of the failure of the EU project.

Europeans do not know what to do with the migrants who are running away from a war that is now in its fifth year and which is one of the largest collective crimes perpetrated by the West.

Syrians, Iraqis or Afghans, are victims of western official foreign policy that ended with all their dreams and the concept of security for them and their children.

And what is the response given by Europe? Neither Europe nor the United States have been humble enough to capitulate and overcome their desire to conquer Africa and the Middle East. They policies continue to unravel.

Today the Western world has nothing beyond the ability to witnessed its own destruction. Both Europe and the United States are also losing something more than war or their own ways of life: they are ending with reason.

These two blocks demand a morality that they are unable to offer. In addition, the West lacks self-criticism about the underlying problem, which lies in the failure and collapse of societies that have been the most developed in the world, but that at this time are unable to understand themselves.


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About the author: Luis R. Miranda

Luis R. Miranda is an award-winning journalist and the founder & editor of The Real Agenda News. His career spans over 23 years in every form of news media. He writes about environmentalism, education, technology, science, health, immigration and other current affairs. Luis has worked as on-air talent, news reporter, television producer, and news writer.

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