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The Construction Of An Harmonious World, Sustained Peace And Joint Prosperity 

By Mike Robinson
UK Column
21 November 2014

For years now, I have been arguing in articles and on the UK Column News programme that the western financial system is terminally bankrupt. I am far from alone in that assessment, despite claims from politicians and so-called mainstream economic commentators that “no-one saw it coming”. Not only did I and many others see it coming, we now argue that what happened in 2008 was not the main event.

Many of those who have been warning of impending financial armageddon have also said that it has been, and is being, deliberately engineered. I have some sympathy with that position. However, increasingly it becomes apparent that it is more of the case that those who are running the City of London/Wall street oligarchy are simply incapable of imagining, through their psychopathic haze, any other way of doing things.

While there have been many in the “alternative media” offering warnings, there has been a smaller set of voices offering solutions. People must be bored by now of the mantra “Glass Steagall and the Bradbury Pound”, and yet, while no-one was looking, half the world has taken up that very policy and are using it to defeat the genocidal tendencies of the City of London.

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