Face masks DO NOT PROTECT you from COVID. That much we have realized already. In fact, more and more scientists continue to come out to warn that wearing masks is actually harmful, not beneficial.

Most masks, if not all, being sold have some sort of label saying that it will not provide any protection against viruses, including so-called COVID.

So why do health authorities insist on mandating their use everywhere?

Because health authorities, in their failure to do something real about so-called COVID, need to protect themselves from the public’s perception that they are incapable of doing anything about it.

Cloth masks do not have the capability to filter tiny particles, so health authorities justify their use with the idea that they can block saliva droplets, which they claim, can contain COVID.

One fact is indisputable: Masks do not protect the wearer from COVID or any other virus. So why wear one? To protect others?

The virus that causes COVID-19 is about 0.1 micrometer in diameter. (A micrometer (µm) is one-thousandth of a millimeter.) Meanwhile, the holes in woven cloth are visible to the naked eye and may be five to 200 micrometers in diameter.

It is counter-productive that cloth can be useful in this setting – it’s been compared to putting up a chain-link fence to stop mosquitoes. However, that analogy is wrong in many ways.

At most, people could protect themselves by keeping a distance so those so-called saliva droplets do not pull off the miracle of traveling from someone’s mouth to someone else’s nose.

What are the chances that a saliva droplet containing so-called COVID, travels directly from my mouth to yours at a, say, two-meter distance? Null.

The whole policy imposed by governments regarding mask-wearing makes no scientific sense whatsoever. For example, it is mandatory to wear masks when entering a gym, but it is OK to remove the mask while working out. It is mandatory to wear a mask as anyone enters a restaurant, but it is OK to remove while chatting with your entourage at the table. I guess COVID knows that it should not infect anyone while you work out or eat dinner, right?

Even the head of United States effort against COVID, Dr. Anthony Fauci has now admitted that wearing masks, especially outdoors, is nonsense. So why are small children obligated to wear masks while playing on a playground? Why are adults wearing masks while walking in the park? Because they are told to do so by power-hungry politicians.

The pesudoscience behind  ‘social bubbles’

How many times have we heard so-called ‘experts’ warning us to respect what they call ‘social bubbles’? A social bubble is basically a group of people who spend most of their time together. Segregating people into ‘social bubbles’ has the intent, according to health authorities, to reduce exposure to people who ‘may be infected’.

To this segregation, authorities add a mandate to wear masks, even outdoors. However, more and more front-line experts are questioning these contradictory measures, such as epidemiologist Marc Lipsitch, director of the Center for Dynamics of Infectious Diseases at Harvard University (USA).

Generally I am very radical in defending the rules with a clear benefit, but wearing the mask outdoors has significant costs and there is really no evidence of its benefits,” Lipsitch warned Monday.

The data has been conclusive for a year now. A study of 318 outbreaks of COVID in China at the beginning of the pandemic showed that 317 occurred indoors, compared to a single case outdoors: that of a 27-year-old man who, allegedly, was infected in a town speaking outdoors with a newcomer from Wuhan.

So, ‘social bubbles’ do not really have any effect in preventing contagion, since anyone could infect a relative indoors, while not wearing a mask because we are in our ‘social bubble’. The alternative to this would be wearing a mask forever, everywhere; just in case.

The European agency dedicated to the control of infectious diseases, the ECDC, only recommends wearing a mask inside public places and suggests that “it can be considered for use in open-air environments with many people”. In some European countries like Spain it is mandatory to wear a mask even for a person walking alone in a park.

Until very recently, Oxford University ‘experts’ issued a recommendation to avoid sharing interior spaces with people who do not live together, as if so-called COVID knew how to differentiate between a stranger and a relative of yours so it would not infect your mother or sister. They also insisted in recommending the wearing of masks inside premises and reduce the capacity of places such as gyms or restaurants. In other words, their measures don’t work. Not individually and neither in combination with other measures.

Follow this recommendation issued by Mr. Greenhalgh, an expert from Oxford University: “Outdoors it is only necessary to put on the mask when we do strenuous exercise, for example when running, if we pass very close to other people, for example on a sidewalk.”

Meanwhile, people go to gyms and remove their masks before beginning their workouts. And you know what has happened as a result of gym goers not wearing masks indoors? Nothing. No severe string of so-called COVID cases has been identified as sourced from a gym, restaurant, hair parlor or any other place.

It is not necessary to wear a mask outdoors, because the virus in the air dissipates quickly.

The ‘wear a mask outdoors’ fraud

Chemical engineer Martin Bazant, author of an interactive tool to calculate the risk of infection, insists that airborne transmission of the virus indoors is the main culprit in the pandemic.

COVID has a peculiar dynamic, he says, in which some infected become super contagious, (debunked) while others do not transmit the virus even to the people with whom they sleep in the same bed.

Bazant says that all known mass infections have occurred indoors, -but somehow health authorities promote ‘social bubbles’-. He says that masks should be worn in closed and poorly ventilated environments.

Bazant, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, stresses that “outdoor infections have been extremely rare, even at the beginning of the pandemic, when no one was wearing masks.

The engineer explains that, outdoors, the air exhaled through the mouth is usually warmer than that of the environment, so it tends to rise quickly and is carried away by currents.

“Contagion could only be expected when people are close to each other, one meter or less, and talking face to face, as it happened in China in the only recorded case of outdoor transmission. And even then, the risk is much lower than indoors, ”Bazant emphasizes. In his opinion, “it is time to stop using outdoor masks.

Listen and watch this list of reasons why wearing masks, especially outdoors, is literally insane and, more importantly, listen and watch to the reason behind why most people comply, even though there is no scientific reason to do so:

US health authorities do request the use of masks in the premises and public transport, but clarify that “they may not be necessary when being outdoors alone and away from other people, or with people who are living together.

So you see, COVID knows not to enter your home, or not to infect your relatives while sharing your home space. That is how silly so-called health measures are.

The World Health Organization only recommends using masks outdoors if people cannot distance at least one meter away from each other.

Over the last year, the researcher Lidia Morawska has led the scientific movement that has convinced the main health authorities of the importance of the airborne transmission of the coronavirus.

Morawska, co-director of the Australia-China Air Quality Research Center, is also blunt: “I have always said that outdoors, when you are moving and can keep a reasonable distance, masks are not necessary. For example, when walking in a park, running or riding a bike.

An international team of scientists reviewed the role of masks in the fight against covid in January. The authors then suggested the “widespread use” of masks to reduce transmission of the virus.

The first signer of that work, Jeremy Howard, a data scientist at the University of San Francisco, now emphasizes that “normally it is not necessary to wear a mask outdoors“, as long as there is a breeze or the person is walking or running.

Physician Helene-Mari Van Der Westhuizen, a co-author of the January study, also thinks the mask is unnecessary on a walk without crowds, but adds to the complexity of the debate.

On this point Van Der Westhuizen also gets it wrong, and the proof is in the pudding. No waves of contagion have emerged from large gatherings and protests seen throughout Europe or the United States. No mass contagion took place in open air events such as Trump rallies, which everyone said would be triggers for mass infection.

Van Der Westhuizen says that “being outdoors is much safer than being indoors.

Should we all work from home outdoors?

More than a hundred Spanish experts wrote a public letter on March 25 urging the authorities to “rethink prevention recommendations”, taking into account that “the probability of contagion outdoors is at least twenty times less than indoors” .

One of the signatories of the letter, the chemist José Luis Jiménez, from the University of Colorado (USA), explains that they avoided mentioning that the mask is unnecessary outdoors and from a distance, because some public health experts were afraid that such a message would be interpreted the wrong way.

In fact, there are situations where the use of the mask makes sense, but not due to the possible contagion with COVID, but due to general hygiene. For example, an intensive care unit; when in contact with immunocompromised people, such as cancer or AIDS patients; or in operating rooms.

No place outside from those instances, not at home, not at gyms, not at restaurants, not at shopping malls, not in stores, not schools or any other place should people be obligated to wear masks. It is not necessary. It is a scam. Masks do not filter the virus. At most, keeping a distance of about two meters should be enough to “prevent infection”.

DO wear a mask if you are immunocompromised or live with vulnerable people, such as elderly people with weak immunity -not all of them are in this situation. Aside from that, wearing masks everywhere is insanity.

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